Chester A. Arthur K-8

Kimberly Newman

2000 Catharine Street
Philadelphia PA 19146
Phone: 215 875-5774

School Name

School Name

Our Vision

The Arthur School staff will maximize the potential of our students in the many areas of learning and development.  Working with families and the community as partners in education, we provide the necessary tools for our students to own their learning, in the modern world.  Students at Arthur learn in an inquiry driven, project-based environment where the core values of inquiry, research, collaboration, presentation and reflection are emphasized in every learning opportunity.

Our Mission


Chester A. Arthur School serves as a hub of a diverse community connection and as a springboard for academic inquiry and discovery.  We are a student-centered environment, where our children are safe and nurtured.  At Arthur we equip our students with the habits, tools, and competencies necessary to be productive and engaged citizens.  When students thrive, we all thrive.


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