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SEPTA Strike - Student Assignments

Attention Students and Parents: Please read the below information and visit the links below for your students designated grade to find assignments during the SEPTA strike. (11/1 - 11/4)

If you need additional assistance please contact the school.  

6th Grade Math- letter and assignments from Mrs. Hettel 

6th Grade English - Assignments attached for (11/1-11/11)  

7th Grade Science - Please Join Ms. King's Google Classroom -7th Grade Energy for assignments. 

7th Grade Math - This week we complete Chapter 2 in our Big Ideas textbook. Please continue to practice skills without the calculator. 703 will take the Chapter 2 Exam on 11/3. 701 and 702 will take the exam on Friday 11/4. In the event that the strike continues beyond Thursday this test will be postponed.

Please complete the following:11/1 -Fraction multiplcation  and division practice. Textbook page 68 problems 1-32. 11/2- Chapter 2 practice test - textbook page 74 (no calculator)

7th Grade English -11/1 - In the Close Reading book, Read "Difference Maker" page 107.  Answer all questions 1-6, and answer the Short Response on page 12

11/2- Read "A Poem for my Librarian, Mrs. Long" Textbook page 321-325. Answer Analyzing the text on page 325. Answer Languge Conventions: Combining Sentences with Phrases, page 326

11/3 - Read "Train Time" Textbook page 327-332
Answer Analyzing the Text page 334
Critical Vocabulary page 335
Language Conventions: Misplaced Modifiers page 336

11/4 - We will be working on our next writing assignment.   In collection 6, we read about people who set out to change the world.  People who found a cause they were passionate about and took action.  Please pick someone from one of the texts we read (ex. Craig Kielburger, John Bergmann, John Lewis, Lynn Olson, or anyone involved in the Triangle Factory Fire) and compose and Informative Essay (5 paragraphs) informing readers about this person.  You must do research, and organize your thoughts appropriately.
Any student who does not have a textbook at home, please email Ms. Vanderwoude and she will provide the assignments through email. 

7th Grade Social Studies - Continue to complete the text activities for Chapter 4, Sections 3-4 using the handout as your guide. (A line to access the textbook can be found at

Complete the entries in your social studies journal if you have not yet done so.

Complete the “Greek Mythology” assignments that were scheduled to be turned in on November 2.

8th Grade Science - Please Join Ms. King's Google Classroom - 8th grade Forces and Motion for assignments.  

8th Grade English - "Outsiders" project.  

8th Grade Social Studies- Finish your Thirteen Colonies acrostics and critical thinking questions if you have not yet completed those assignments. A web address to access the textbook is

Read Chapter 5 “Beginnings of an American Identity 1689-1763, Sections 1 “Early American Culture”, Section 2 “Roots of a Representative Government,” and Section 3 “The French and Indian War. Complete items #1-#4 on pages 140, 145, and 151 in your text activities notebook.

Complete the Chapter 5 “America’s History Makers” assignments on Ben Franklin and Sarah Kemble Knight which are scheduled to be turned in on or before November 10.

Complete the entries in your social studies journal if you have not yet done so.

8th Grade Math -Please complete the attached work as well as complete pages 201-218 in your Mathematics Journal. Each day Tuesday - Friday please complete 45 minutes of redbird learning. 


Welcome Parents and Students!



It is an honor and a privilege to be your principal. Although our school is small and our budget is limited, we are mighty in so many ways. With the help of our parents we will create new and varied experiences for our students. 

AMY is a special place.  Your classmates come from all over the city in order to learn in an integrated setting.  We are fortunate to have various backgrounds of race, gender and heritage.

Many challenges await all of us this school year; however, I know that together we will make a difference in our students' lives.   Students, plan now to make a difference in our school. Study to the best of your ability and prepare yourselves wisely for your future.  We have high expectations for our students, parents, and for ourselves because as the Northwest Region's motto states:  "Excellence Is Our Only Option!" Once again, it is my honor to be your principal and to serve you.



Jodan Floyd


Chelsea Clinton with AMY NW Principal Jodan Floyd in October 2015.