Inclement Weather Information

Inclement Weather Information


Due to inclement weather or other emergencies, it may be necessary to cancel school for the day, dismiss school early or have a delayed opening.  In the event of a schedule change due to inclement weather, the decision will be communicated through the following outlets: 

Options for schedule changes

Full-Day School Cancellation/Closing: If schools must close for the full day, students should not report to school. For closure updates, please check local media outlets and the District website at 5 a.m. when there is inclement weather. Notification will be posted on the District website and provided to local news outlets. 

Early Dismissal: If the decision is made to dismiss schools early, schools will notify parents using the School Messenger service, local news outlets and the District website. Where applicable, food service will be made available to students, and transportation services will be adjusted.

Delayed School Opening: In the event of a delayed opening, all schools and early childhood programs will open at 10 a.m. Dismissal time will remain the same.  Yellow bus transportation will run on a 90-minute delayed schedule. The transportation schedule for a delayed opening is posted on the back of this letter. All scheduled school trips will be canceled. Breakfast, lunch, after school programming and athletics will function as normal. Check news outlets and the District website starting at 5 a.m. when there is inclement weather for updates about delays.

Administrative Office Closures:  In the event that schools are closed on a school day due to inclement weather, a decision will be made in each instance as to whether administrative offices, including regional offices, will be open or closed. Unless it is announced that administrative offices are closed, assume they will be open.  Employees who work in administrative offices, including regional offices, should call 215-400-4636 or visit the District’s web site ( for information.


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Inclement Weather Log


# Day Date Schools Weather
2015 - 2016 SCHOOL YEAR
2 Tues Jan-26,2016 CLOSED snow
1 Mon Jan-25,2016 CLOSED snow
2014 - 2015 SCHOOL YEAR
7 Fri Jun-12,2015 DISMISSED at 12 noon heat
6 Fri Mar-06,2015 CLOSED snow
5 Thurs Mar-05,2015 CLOSED snow
4 Mon Mar-02,2015 OPEN 2 hours late snow and ice
3 Tues Feb-17,2015 CLOSED snow
2 Tues Jan-27,2015 CLOSED snow
1 Mon Jan-26,2015 DISMISSED at 12 noon snow


Inclement Weather Log