5.2 Vehicle Repair and Maintenance

    5.2 Vehicle Repair and Maintenance

Transportation Maintenance is responsible for providing mandated and scheduled preventive maintenance and repair to district owned buses and large trucks. The Maintenance Department operates a central repair garage that prepares over 615 School District school buses for 2 semi annual State "Trooper" inspection conducted by Pennsylvania State Police officers.


I.   Bus Maintenance (2600 N. Broad Street)


A. The School District of Philadelphia Transportation Services Maintenance Department has certified mechanics that are able to conduct semi-annual state inspections and affix stickers on district-owned buses and large trucks after the vehicles pass inspection.


B. The mechanics also prepare the school buses for annual "Trooper" inspection prior to the start of the school year. Once the school bus passes the inspection, a Trooper affixes a safety sticker to the window.


C. A semi-annual preventive maintenance schedule is provided for each vehicle.


D. Minor maintenance along with emergency road service and towing for school buses is also provided by the School District’s four decentralized bus garage locations.


E. Each bus driver is responsible for a daily walk-around of his/her bus, making a cursory inspection of the vehicle including windows, tires, lights, electronics and fluid levels and complete a DAILY VEHICLE INSPECTION REPORT (form TM-100).


II. Automotive (Non-Bus Vehicle) Maintenance (25th/Tasker Streets)

A. Automotive Services is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the School District non-bus fleet and operates a State Inspection Station for the School District Automotive fleet.

B. Automotive Maintenance personnel provide and perform a semi-annual preventive maintenance schedule for all non-bus vehicles.

C. Flats are the responsibility of the driver.  Make sure you have an inflated spare tire and a jack

D. The garage also provides emergency road service and towing for automotive vehicles. Towing should not be requested for flat tires or if the vehicle runs out of fuel. These are the responsibility of the driver.

E. The facility is responsible for quality inspections on newly purchased automotive vehicles and is involved in the disposition of scrapped units.

F. In the event that the driver of a School District non-bus vehicle encounters mechanical failure or other problems, the following procedure should be followed in order to assure appropriate action.


1. Between the hours of 7:00 AM and 3:30 PM, notify Automotive Services (215-952-6201) and the staff will evaluate the problem and advise the driver.  The driver should also notify his/her supervisor.

2. Between the hours of 3:30 PM and 7:00 AM, notify the 440 North Broad dispatcher (215-400-4710) in the Office of School Climate and Safety who will contact the School District’s contracted towing service so the vehicle can be tower to 25th and Tasker Streets.  Driver should notify his/her supervisor. 

3. Any other mechanical problems should be called in by supervisors in order to set up an appointment for repairs.