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Useful Tools

Useful Tools


A growing collection of bilingual templates for various sent home notes

All School District forms,
medical and adminstrative


Great tools to faciliatate school-family communication
(Report Card Comments, "I Care" School Performance Report, etc.)


Illustrations of major District policies such
as weapons possession and Anti-bullying



If Keystone Exam or PSSA testing dates are fast approaching, you need Keystone FAQs and other related documents in Spanish and Chinese but do not have the time to muddle through a document jungle to find them, this tool is definitely for you!  Simply click open this digital calendar, move your cursor to the testing date, and click on the event tag in the calendar.  It will open up a new window which contains the links to these documents.  This also applies to School Opening, Report Card Conferences, School Selection, and other major district events. (Please note: this digital school calendar is featured in 9 language websites in their respective languages. Please share this information with non-English speaking parents you serve!)
 ACTION stands for "A Convenient Translation/Interpretation Online Navigator" .  It highlights major online resources for language services.  All links are embedded in this document.  Simply click the web addresses in the digital document to access the services and resources.  If you wish to receive a pocket-size ACTION card, call 215-400-4180, option 4.


Featured in nine language websites, "I Care" is an intermediary service provided by the Translation and Interpretation Center to faciliatate and enhance communication between teachers and non-English speaking parents.
       It helps non-English speaking parents communicate with YOU;
       It helps YOU develop collaborative relationships with non-English speaking parents;
       It helps deepen all parties’ involvement in the EDUCATION of ELL’s!

 If you are looking for translated documents specific to your school (school calendar, newsletter, etc) , this is the place to go.  We have set up one school portal for every school in the district. Click here to see the illustration of the school portal for McClure School. This is a 24/7 open information platform where documents can be downloaded and printed by everyone from that school, at anytime and from anywhere.

 Javier did not come to school in the last few days,  you need to write a note to his Spanish-speaking mother, but you do not have a Spanish translator at school.  Nikita's grades are slipping and he had been seen dozing off during the classes,  you need to write a note in Russian to bring his parents' attention to his bedtime routine, but where can you find a Russian translator to help you? Click the icon to find out how.

 Glossaries by languages, grades and subjects developped by the University of the State of New York and New York State Education Department.

 Attention, all district staff.  If you know a student whose native language is not English has been bullied or harassed, please direct him/her to the online bullying incident report of his/her language.

 Please share this information with the non-English speaking parents you serve!  To help multilingual parents to obtain important information regarding the education of their children directly and in their native languages, we have established 9 language websites (Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, French, Khmer, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese and Nepali).  Please encourage the parents at your school to visit these constantly updated websites.

 This is where all translated documents are kept.  Here are some tips when you conduct a document search: 1) narrow down the scope of search by choosing only one language (e.g. Spanish); 2) experiment different search words/phrases combination if you do not find what you want on your first attempt.

 The "Panic Button".  If you fail to find the translated document(s) you are looking for, or do not have the time to conduct an extensive document search, click the button to send us a message.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.