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To parents/guardians and students

Choosing the best school for your child or yourself is never easy. The School District offers a wide array of school options and programs that even the most experienced person would have to take time to sift through.  This is why we have put together all relevant information in this webpage hoping to make your selection process a little easier and smoother.

Please carefully examine the information below to determine the schools of your preference.  As you narrow down your school options, we suggest that you contact your student counselor or teacher to make a final school selection, and request their assistance with the school application process.

School selection process

The annual school selection process is designed to allow anyone (Grades K-12) to apply to a school other than his/her designated neighborhood school for the next academic year.

The school selection process runs from late September through early November EVERY YEAR (application must be submitted during this period to ensure admission).  PLEASE NOTE: applications to transfer to neighborhood schools outside of the student’s catchment area, City Wide Admission Schools, and Special Admission Schools for the 2017-2018 academic year, are due between September 29 and November 14, 2016 - a year before the actual transfer occurs.

If one fails to apply to the school of his/her choice during the above-mentioned period or if anyone transfers to The School District of Philadelphia outside of the above-mentioned period, he/she will be automatically placed in his/her designated neighborhood school.

Contact the Office of Student Enrollment and Placement if you have any question.

School Application Flow-charts

Click the image below: (Please note: web links embedded in the flow charts for easy access)

Policies and documents

Prekindergarten information

Prekindergarten school admission is managed by the Office of Early Childhood Education (OECE).  The rules for school admission and transfers are different from the above-mentioned rules for Grades K to 12.  Click on the banner below for details:       


Kindergarten Registration Information


School Selection Guides

              Grades K-8 (Elementary and middle schools)   
              Grades 9-12(High Schools)
              Charter schools information (Grades K-12)

Additional References