PSSA-Starting April 3, 2017

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Basic facts about PSSA Exams

  • The Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) is a standards-based criterion-referenced assessment used to measure 
    • How well individual students are learning in English, Math, and Science
    • How well the schools/programs are doing in teaching the students in above-mentioned subjects
  • Why PSSA is important?
  • PSSA-About the test
  • PSSA Scoring System
    • Scale score/performance descriptor
              Scale: 600-1300
              Performance descriptor: Below Basic, Basic, Proficient, and Advanced
              Examples: 1200/Advanced in English, 950/Basic in Math, or 620/Below Basic in Science, etc.
    • Local district percentile
              Definition: The ranking of any given student among all participating students of the test in terms of percentage
              Example: 75% percentile means that this student's score is higher than 75% of all participating students from the School District of Philadelphia 
      How to convert scale scores to percentiles? Click here
  • How to access PSSA results?
    • Fast track:  Check Parent and Family Portal (PFP) around mid-June (highly recommended)-What is PFP?
    • Slow track:  Hard copies in the mail in September
  • Accommodations-Certain accommodations are provided to Special Ed students and ELLs during the exams.  For details, please read PSSA/Keystone Accommodations

Other PSSA Exams related documents

Electronic Device Policy
 Code of Conduct for Test Takers
Bilingual Glossaries
Parent Confidentiality Agreement

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