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Many new immigrant parents want their children to have access to additional resources for education, whether to keep pace with the academic progress at school, or to get an extra boost in their college preparations. While many options are available ranging from free after-school programs to expensive college-prep classes, online learning tools have increasingly become the way for many parents to enhance their children's education in recent years.  Compared to traditional ways, online learning tools hold significant advantage in the following aspects:  
  • Cost--Some great online learning tools such as "Unite for Literacy" and "Khan Academy" are completely FREE
  • Flexibility--They are available 24/7/365.  That means your child can receive extra learning support at any time through multiple internet-connected media (desktop, laptop, i-products, etc.). With Khan Academy, your child can call up an online lesson, watch it multiple times, if need be, take an online quiz, get help from an online coach through e-mail if there is a need, until he/she fully understands the content.  The flexibility also means that you and your child could choose the level of involvement with the online offerings.  You and your child could choose to watch online classes only or to become a part of the network involves teacher/mentor, coach, parent and student
  • Academic coverage--Some online learning tools cover a wide-ranging subjects and topics from Humanity to Natural Sciences, from Pre-K contents to SAT, MCAT prep tests, and beyond
  • Content quality--"Smart tools" are being used constantly to improve the quality of the content   A quote
  • Language support--Some online learning tools provide significant language support such as subtitles in various languages and bilingual texts/voices
  • Extended Services--New services are being created such as Khan Academy teaming with College Board in SAT, PSAT practice tests and these
  • Supplement, not substitution--Online learning tools are supplemental in nature, meant to solidify and enrich what your child has learned at school.  They are not to be used in substittuion of regular classroom education. Regular attendance to school is extremely important!
  • Self-discipline required--There is a higher requirement for self-discipline for your child whenever online learning is considered

Great Online Learning Tools for All Stakeholders

A bilingual learning tool great for early literacy and English acquisition.    
  For Teachers        For Parents and Students  
 For K-12 and beyond (An Intro)--A great tool for life-long learning!      
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 From middle school to college     Create playlists
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Additional Online Resources for Educators

 National Repository of Online Courses
(Monterey Institute for Technology and Education)
 Great resources to improve students' writing skills, including ESL. 
 Great Interactive simulations for science and math classes
In MANY languages
 Think Big, think Future!