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The use of Keystone Exams as a high school graduation requirement has been delayed until School Year 2018-19!

For details about the decision above and related FAQs, please read Keystone Parent Letter

Basic facts about Keystone Exams

  • They are standardized tests for HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS in the State of Pennysylvania with three major components: Algebra, Biology and Literature
    For details about the exams, please read Keystone Parent Information
  • Certain accommodations are provided to Special Ed students and ELLs during the exams.  For details, please read PSSA/Keystone Accommodations
  • It had been proposed that passing these exams be used as a high school graduation requirement.  Now the implementation has been delayed until SY 2018-19

Other Keystone Exams related documents

Electronic Device Policy
 Code of Conduct for Test Takers
Bilingual Glossaries
Parent Confidentiality Agreement

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