Language Hotlines

Language Hotlines


The School District of Philadelphia maintains hotlines in 8 major languages and is in the process of adding 15 more so that students and parents who have difficulty speaking English can communicate problems and concerns in their own languages.

Callers for individual languages reach a voice mail box where they can leave a message in their language with contact information and a short description of the question or situation of concern. Someone speaking their language will return their call to help resolve the problem or to provide the information they request.

The 8 official major languages of The District (click on specific language for promotional poster):

 •  Albanian*
 •  Arabic* -215-400-8481 
 •  Chinese* -215-400-8482 
 •  French* -215-400-8483 
 •  Khmer* -215-400-8484 
 •  Russian* -215-400-8485 
 •  Spanish -215-400-8489 
 •  Vietnamese* -215-400-8486 

Voice messages will be returned within a 24 hour period during regularly scheduled school days.