The Translation & Interpretation Center provides translation of written documents, both District-wide and specific to individual schools or students, free of charge. While the focus of translation is on the 8 official languages of the District, rare emerging languages, such as Nepali and Burmese, are also translated. Every effort will be made to accommodate any translation request in any language.

Documents that need to be translated can include public announcements, District-wide documents, flyers, forms, and other communications intended for parents and/or students, in addition to transcripts or immunization records for enrollment or student placement.

Please note:
* Before making a request, please check existing Translated Documents.

* If you cannot locate the document you need, please fill out a request form by clicking on the following link: Translation Request Form.

* IMPORTANT: If you do not hear back from us within 24 hours, please follow up with an e-mail to translation@philasd.org or call 215-400-4180, option 4.



 > School Selection Awareness Campaign Flyer and a collection of references in 8 languages
  > Eligibility Guidelines and Application
 > A new feature designed to showcase stories and visuals from our multicultural/multilingual students and their families. 


  > A must read for parents.  It includes:  enrollement information, links to Elementary and Middle shools guides, and the High School Directory, as well as criteria for all special admission schools.  
  >  A useful tool for school secretaries to communicate with non-English speacking families.  
  > A great tool for report card conferences.
  > A disclosure statement required by the Child Protective Service Law.
  > Volunteer requirements, as it relates to clearances to work with children.
 > Gives parents and family access to valuable information about their child's education and school, including: academic and attendance records.  Parents can also sign up to recieve school notifications.
 > Learn something new every month!





Welcome to the School District of Philadelphia translation archive. Here you will find all the documents and materials that have been translated into the 8 major languages spoken by our students and families: Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, French, Khmer, Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese.

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