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Office of Teacher Affairs
The Office of Teacher Affairs was created as a resource for teachers from hiring to retirement. A goal of this office is to make certain all teachers can experience a timely response to their specific needs. Weekly seminars, workshops, resources, professional learning opportunities, and information leadiing to professional growth will be available for all teachers within The School District of Philadelphia.
  • Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 2pm-7pm / Last Saturday of the month 10am-2pm


Be sure to visit the Office of Teacher Affairs and meet Nancy and Julie, your Teacher Affairs Specialists. Nancy and Julie truly hope to build and sustain a personal relationship that will nurture and support your 2010/2011 school year.





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What are you hoping to gain this summer that you could bring to your students in the fall?

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Your Teacher Affairs Specialists

Nancy Daly is a certified general education teacher, special education teacher, and administrator. She has worked in public and charter schools in multiple capacities, including assistant principal, principal, and CEO. With a passion for supporting teachers who can then create sustainable life-long learning for students, Nancy is committed to ensuring quality education for all. A Philadelphia resident, Nancy can be seen enjoying local museums and cafes with her family and favorite book in hand. Nancy also enjoys teaching graduate education courses.
Julie Woodlin is a retired mathematics instructor. She enjoyed working for the School District of Philadelphia for twenty-six years in various schools across the district. She currently teaches mathematics at The Community College of Philadelphia and in the Upward Bound program. She has worked in many programs that benefit youth and adults and is passionate about helping others realize and utilize their potential. Her life's mission is to empower those around her so that they can fulfill their goals and dreams.

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Thursday, June 2nd: Reserved for Diversity, Inclusion, and Awareness Series

Come and continue to explore our common and different experiences in our series of interactive workshops aimed at increasing diversity awareness at the individual, group, and system level. This will be the eigth session of the series but new attendees are welcome. 

Wednesday, June 8th: MDS Collaboration Session

As a result of our initial MDS Brainstorming Session, montly MDS collaboration sessions are held the second Wednesday of every month. Join us as we share resources and ideas to support one another with our daily teaching. 

Thursday, June 9th: Reserved for District Session

It is the pleasure of the Office of Teacher Affairs to assist with questions related to the district. Do not have time to call 440? Are you unsure of who to call? Allow the Office of Teacher Affairs to assist. One way we can assist is by providing sessions related to payroll, benefits, certification, etc. Be on the lookout for upcoming information about this session!

Friday, June 10th: Week in Review

Come to debrief about your week! As students learn, the year concludes, and changes occur, there will be lots to talk about. Unwind, meet colleagues, and reflect in our warm environment. 

Thursday, June 16th: School Year Wrap-Up: Reflection and Thanks

It has been a busy year! Join us as we reflect and share about our school year. Our goal is to reflect on the year and celebrate the positives. 

Monday June 20th: Resume and Cover Letter Review

Would you like to learn how to best represent yourself through your resume and cover letter? Join others as we explore resume and cover letter writing. Leave the session knowing how to improve these documents, strengthening your confidence and ability to articulate your strengths. Personal mock-interview sign-ups will also be available. This is the second session, but new and former attendees are welcome. 

Thursday, June 23rd: School Year Wrap-up: Reflection and Thanks

It has been a busy year! Join us as we reflect and share about our school year. Our goal is to reflect on the year and celebrate the positives. 


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If you would like to facilitate your own information session, please fill out the attachment below and email it to ndaly@philasd.org!

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