About the Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

About the Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

What is the ILP?

The Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is a personalized document that students develop with their counselors and other supportive adults to chart their progress toward their goals during each school year, to ensure they are on the path to graduation, and to determine what resources and tools they need to be prepared for a successful pathway in life after graduation.

How are the ILP and StudentNet related? StudentNet provides students the tools and information they need to develop their ILPs.  Through these two distinct but related initiatives, the District aims to empower all students by providing information, resources, and direct engagement with counselors and other supportive adults in planning for their success through to graduation and beyond.

The ILP has four sections: Setting Goals, Identifying Potential Barriers, Identifying Strategies to Reach Goals, and Preparing for Success. For the first three sections, the ILP provides open text fields so students can write as much as they like. The fourth section, comprised of check-boxes organized by grade level, is focused on prompting students to consider the things they need to plan and do to stay on track to graduation and to be ready for a successful pathway beyond graduation.

Guidelines and prompt questions for developing responses in each of the sections are provided in the Guide to Developing an ILP. Click here for the Guide and here for an outline of the SMART Goals framework that counselors are using to help students develop meaningful goals.

Who is Responsible for the ILP?

The goal is student ownership of the ILP, so it is students' responsibility to make additions and updates directly into the online ILP form.

The role of Counselors, Teachers, and other staff who work with students is to guide, facilitate, and support in the process of developing their ILPs, and to ensure students are re-visiting their records in StudentNet and their ILP at key points throughout the school year.

Parents/guardians, as well as city and community-based partners who work with students during in-school or after-school programs, are encouraged to help guide, facilitate, and support students use of StudentNet and the development of their ILPs.

A Brief Look at the ILP

Here is a sample of what an ILP looks like: