About StudentNet

About StudentNet

What is StudentNet?

StudentNet is The School District of Philadelphia’s new resource to help students chart their course to graduation and beyond. Its purpose is to EMPOWER students with their own information and resources they need to achieve success!

StudentNet provides students with access to the following:

  • Academic records:  grades, credit accumulation, attendance, grade point average, benchmark scores, and standardized test scores, from the 2001-2002 school year to the present.
  • Textbooks and Learning Supports: textbooks online, video tutorials, PSSA prep guides, and more.
  • Resources and Tools: the Individual Learning Plan worksheets and guidelines, information about selecting a high school, career and college planning, jobs, internships, and apprenticeships, after-school and summer programs, alternative pathways to graduation, social support services, and more.

For a quick reference guide to all of the resources available in StudentNet, click here. See the Resource Materials page for the flyer, fact sheet, and a PowerPoint tutorial that provides a comprehensive overview of StudentNet, the ILP, and FamilyNet.

A Brief Look at StudentNet

Welcome to StudentNet! Here is what it looks like when a student logs-in to their personal account:

Students in all grades can access many of their textbooks electronically on StudentNet. In addition to textbooks, the Learning Toolbox section provides video tutorials, practice problems, help with writing papers, and much more. Below is a sample of textbooks available for high school students:



In My Student Profile, students can access their academic records going back to 2001-2002, including attendance, behavior, grades GPA,  credit accumulation by graduation area (high school only), and standardized test scores (for Benchmarks, PSSA, etc.).

Below is a sample from a high school student profile, showing GPA, credit accumulation, and grades:



Students can also create their own unofficial transcript by clicking "Create PDF" in the upper right corner of any page in My Student Profile.


PDF icon


Students can tailor their report, which can be saved and printed, to include all or parts of their academic record, including grades, credits, and test scores. Here is what a sample report looks like: