Resource Materials

Resource Materials

We hope that you will take up the challenge to help your own children and/or the students with whom you work during in-school or out-of-school settings to utilize both StudentNet and the ILP in ways that support their empowerment and success. 

Below you will find a wealth of documents to support you in meeting this challenge. All of these documents can be downloaded and saved to your computer. This page will be updated throughout the year, so check back frequently for the latest resources. 

Webinar: On May 3, 2012, a webinar was broadcast that provides an overview of the key resources in StudentNet. To view and listen to the webinar, click here.

Flyers: Distribute and post flyers to spread the word about StudentNet in your school, organization, or just among friends and colleagues. For the student flyer, click here. For the parents and community flyer, click here. For the District employee flyer, click here.  For the community partners and agencies flyer, click here.

Fact Sheet: This fact sheet provides an excellent quick reference for all the basic information about StudentNet, particularly for parents and staff. Click to download it in English, Vietnamese, Spanish, Russian, Khmer, French, Chinese, Arabic, and Albanian

Navigating StudentNet: This provides an outline of the main sections of StudentNet and the resources available within each. Click here to download it.

Tutorial on StudentNet & ILP: This Powerpoint presentation provides a comprehensive overview of these initiatives. Click here to download it.

Accessing StudentNet:  This Powerpoint provides a quick reference guide to how students at all grade levels log-in to StudentNet. Click here to download it. 

StudentNet Password Guide:This guide provides instructions for logging-in to StudentNet.  In addition, it explains how first-time users can register for a StudentNet password and what to do if a password is forgotton or needs to be reset.  Click here to download it.

Tutorial on FamilyNet: This brief Powerpoint presentation provides a guide to accessing FamilyNet. Click here to download it.

Guide to Developing an ILP: This guide provides explanations and sample prompt questions to help students and the adults working with them develop meaningful responses for each part of the ILP. Click here to download it.

Setting Goals: One of the core components of the Individual Learning Plan is developing both short and long-term goals. To help students in this challenging process, counselors are using the SMART Goals framework. Click here to download it.