SY2013-2014 School Progress Reports (SPR)

SY2013-2014 School Progress Reports (SPR)

As part of our effort to build a System of Great Schools, below is a link to all available School Progress Reports (SPRs) for the 2014-2015 school year. In order to locate the SPR for a specific school, please click on the relevant school type below (Elementary, K8, Middle, or High Schools) and search alphabetically by school name. You may also use a shortcut by holding Ctrl+F and entering a part of the school name in the search field that opens in your browser. If your search yields multiple results, press enter or the right arrow to scroll through each instance of the name found. Please note that participating charter schools are indicated by a single asterisk * and Renaissance Charter Schools are indicated by *R. Non-participating charter schools or those that did not fulfill all requirements are not listed below.

Elementary Schools

K8 Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools

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Elementary Schools

Abram S. Jenks

Horatio B. Hackett

Julia W. Howe

S. Weir Mitchell

Alexander K. McClure

Isaac A. Sheppard

Kennedy C. Crossan

Samuel Gompers

Anne Frank

J. Hampton Moore

Laura H. Carnell

Samuel Pennypacker

Bayard Taylor

James J. Sullivan

Lewis C. Cassidy Academics Plus

Samuel Powel


James Logan

Lewis Elkin

Solomon Solis-Cohen


James R. Lowell

Mastery at Mann *R

Stephen Girard

Clara Barton

John B. Kelly

Mastery at Smedley *R

Thomas G. Morton

Edwin Forrest

John H. Webster


Thomas Holme

Eleanor C. Emlen

John Hancock Demonstration

Philadelphia Montessori *

Thomas M. Peirce


John M. Patterson

Philip H. Sheridan

Universal at Bluford *R

Feltonville Intermediate

John Marshall

Prince Hall

Watson Comly

Fox Chase

John Moffet


William Cramp

Frances E. Willard

John Wister

Richard R. Wright

William H. Loesche

Francis S. Key

Joseph H. Brown


William Rowen

Franklin S. Edmonds

Joseph Pennell

Robert B. Pollock

Henry W. Lawton

Joseph W. Catharine

Russell Byers *


K8 Schools

A.L. Fitzpatrick

Eugenio Maria De Hostos *

Joseph Greenberg

Sadie Alexander

Ad Prima *

F. Amedee Bregy

Julia de Burgos

Samuel B. Huey

Add B. Anderson

First Philadelphia Preparatory *

Juniata Park Academy

Sankofa Freedom Academy (K8) *

Alain Locke

Fitler Academics Plus

KIPP Philadelphia (K8) *


Albert M. Greenfield

Folk Arts Cultural Treasures *

Keystone Academy *


Alexander Adaire

Francis Hopkinson

Laboratory of Communication &
Languages *

Southwest Leadership Academy *

Allen M. Stearne

General David B. Birney *R

Laura W. Waring

Spring Garden

Alliance for Progress *

General George A. McCall

Louis H. Farrell

Stephen Decatur

Andrew Hamilton

General George G. Meade

Maritime Academy (K8) *

Tacony Academy (K8) *

Andrew J. Morrison

General Philip Kearny

Martha Washington

Tanner G. Duckrey

Andrew Jackson

George W. Childs

Mary M. Bethune

Theodore Roosevelt

Anna B. Day

George W. Nebinger

MaST (K8) *

Thomas K. Finletter

Anna L. Lingelbach

George W. Sharswood

Mastery at Cleveland *R

Thomas Mifflin

Antonia Pantoja *

Gilbert Spruance

Mastery at Clymer *R

Thurgood Marshall

Avery D. Harrington

Hamilton Disston

Mastery at Hardy Williams (K8) *

Universal at Alcorn *R


Harambee Institute of Science &
Technology *

Mastery at Harrity *R

Universal at Creighton *R

Belmont *

Henry A. Brown

Mastery at Pastorius *R

Universal at Daroff *R

Benjamin B. Comegys

Henry C. Lea

Mastery at Thomas (K8) *

Universal Institute *

Benjamin Franklin

Henry H. Houston

Math, Civics, & Sciences (K8) *


Charles W. Henry

Honorable Luis Munoz-Marin


William C. Bryant

Chester A. Arthur

Independence *

Morton McMichael

William C. Longstreth


James Dobson

Northwood Academy *

William D. Kelley

D. Newlin Fell

James G. Blaine


William Dick

Delaplaine McDaniel

James R. Ludlow

Overbrook Educational Center

William H. Hunter

Dr. Ethel Allen

James Rhoads

Paul L. Dunbar

William H. Ziegler

E. Washington Rhodes

Jay Cooke


William M. Meredith

Edward Gideon

John Barry

People for People *

William McKinley

Edward Heston

John F. Hartranft

Philadelphia Performing Arts *

Wissahickon *

Edward T. Steel

John F. McCloskey


Young Scholars at Frederick Douglass *R

Edwin M. Stanton

John H. Taggart

Robert E. Lamberton

Young Scholars at Kenderton *R

Eliza B. Kirkbride

John S. Jenks

Robert Morris

Ethan Allen

John Welsh

Rudolph Blankenburg


Middle Schools

AMY at Northwest


Mastery at Pickett (MS) *

Universal at Vare *R

AMY at James Martin

General J. Harry LaBrum

Mastery at Shoemaker (MS) *

Warren G. Harding

Aspira at Stetson *

General Louis Wagner

Memphis Street Academy *R

William T. Tilden

Austin Meehan

Grover Washington, Jr.

Middle Years Alternative

Woodrow Wilson


Hill-Freedman World Academy

Morris E. Leeds

World Communications (MS) *

Dimner Beeber

Julia R. Masterman (MS)

New Media Technology (MS) *

Young Scholars *

Eastern University Academy (MS) *

KIPP West Philadelphia Prep. *

Penn Treaty (MS)


Feltonville Arts and Sciences

Mastery at Gratz (MS) *R

Roberto Clemente


Freire (MS) *

Mastery at Lenfest (MS) *

Russell H. Conwell



High Schools

A. Philip Randolph Career & Technical

HS for Creative & Performing Arts

Mastery at Lenfest (HS) *

Philadelphia Military Academy

Abraham Lincoln

HS of Engineering & Science

Mastery at Pickett (HS) *

Preparatory CS of Math, Science, Tech, & Careers *

Academy at Palumbo

High School of the Future

Mastery at Shoemaker (HS) *


Architecture & Design *

Imhotep Institute *

Mastery at Thomas (HS) *

Samuel Fels

Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush

John Bartram High

Math, Civics, & Sciences (HS) *

Sankofa Freedom Academy (HS) *

Aspira at Olney *R

Jules E. Mastbaum Area Vocational Technical


Science Leadership Academy

Benjamin Franklin

Julia R. Masterman (HS)

Multi-Cultural Academy *

South Philadelphia

Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia *

Kensington Health Sciences Academy

Murrell Dobbins Career & Technical

Strawberry Mansion


Kensington HS for Creative & Performing Arts

New Media Technology (HS) *

Swenson Arts and Technology


Kensington International Business,
Finance, & Entrepreneurship


Tacony Academy (HS) *

Delaware Valley *

Kensington Urban Education Academy


Thomas A. Edison

Eastern University Academy (HS) *

KIPP Philadelphia (HS) *

Parkway Center City

Universal at Audenried *R



Parkway Northwest

Walter B. Saul

Franklin Learning Center

Maritime Academy (HS) *

Parkway West

West Philadelphia

Freire (HS) *

Martin Luther King

Paul Robeson HS for Human Services

William L. Sayre


MaST (HS) *

Penn Treaty (HS)

William W. Bodine


Mastery at Gratz (HS) *R

Philadelphia Electrical & Technology *

The Workshop School

George Washington

Mastery at Hardy Williams (HS) *

Philadelphia HS for Girls

World Communications (HS) *