Try any or all of our enticing professional development dishes. Appetizers are excellent for individuals, small groups, or PD days. Small plates complement half- and full-day PDs. Our expanding entrée choices will challenge large groups to change the world. Ask your MTSS Specialist for the best choices for your school’s palate.


Intro to Class Dojo – 30 min – 1hr plus support

Recent classified ad, “Teacher seeks student who remains in chair, completes work, and gets along with others.” Make this ad a reality by implementing a positive behavior reward system. You can also connect with parents to save time writing notes that never make it home anyway. Learn how to get started and get help rolling it out to your class.


Intro to GoNoodle – 30 min

Students have varying levels of energy, attention, and anxiety. This program can help teachers manage student behavior throughout the day. Learn how this free program can help and plan effective strategies for use. We’ll even visit your class to get you started.


Getting Started with a Morning Meeting – 45 min

Start the day off right. Taking a few minutes to allow students and educators to express themselves could prevent conflict throughout the day. Learn how to effectively communicate with students to begin the day or wind down after lunch. That way you can address student needs and conflicts early.


Small Plates

Conflict Resolution Training – 1-2 hrs





Tired of students who don’t pay attention? Exhausted when you get home? Save yourself from headaches, understand what is behind student behavior, and address how we play a role in escalating and de-escalating conflict. In this interactive training, staff will look deep into negative behaviors and understand their own conflict style in order to increase positive behaviors (and reduce headaches).


Interventions Training – 1-2 hrs




Are your students not doing what is expected? Are the same problems occurring over and over? Perhaps your students need a reminder or procedures need to be revisited. Learn techniques to enhance school-wide procedures and strategies to re-orient students to expectations.

Trauma 101 – 1-2 hrs




Having trouble connecting with students? Ever wonder what led to a change in a student’s behavior? Understand the basics of trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Learn how stress and trauma will impact student success. Develop strategies to build relationships and student resilience.


Mental Health, Stigma and Support – 1-2 hrs

Mental Health impacts 1 in 5 students nationally. In Philadelphia, 30% of students report symptoms of depression. Few seek help because of fear and shame. Learn how to reshape opinions of mental health so educators can support students in need. Pairs well with Mental Health First Aid.


Bullying Prevention and Intervention –  1-2 hrs



Bullying is a term tossed around a lot lately, but what is it? Learn the warning signs and understand how individuals can play a role in preventing incidents of bullying. Develop strategies for intervention and learn how to properly report incidents.



Mental Health First Aid – 8 hr certification training




Want to connect with students? Think students (and staff) need a little help, but don’t know what to do? This internationally-recognized certification training provides you with an overview of mental health disorders and an action plan to offer support in times of need, including crisis situations. This training is designed for large groups, so invite all your staff, a companion school, parents, and the local community.


Reducing Sexual Violence and Demonstrating Appropriate Physical Contact – Presented by WOAR, times vary

Sometimes students, even the little ones, need help expressing themselves physically with one another. We can arrange for Women Organized Against Rape (WOAR) to present lessons to student of all ages. 

Sexual Identity, Culture and Understanding – Presented by the ATTIC Youth Center, times vary

When we don’t understand something, we often fear it. That fear leads to shaming others. Meeting and hearing firsthand about an experience of a LGBTQ student can help build understanding for staff and students. It may also be the support a student needs towards self-identify. Help build understanding with support from the ATTIC Youth Center.