For Parents

For Parents

What Can Parents/Guardians Do…


If Your Child is Bullied at School

  • Take a breath, relax - it’s important that you approach the situation with an open mind 
  • Ask questions, gain information from your child, listen to and support your child
    • Name all those involved.
    • How long has it happened?
    • Who did you tell?
    • What did they do?
  • Begin communication with the school - talk to your child’s teacher
  • Take action by offering your child positive strategies
  • Immediately report the incident(s) to the Principal or designee
  • If there is no response, contact the regional office and the District’s bullying hotline (215) 400-SAFE
  • Seek professional assistance for your child, if necessary

What DOESN’T Work

  • Encouraging your child to fight back
  • Blaming the school/teacher
  • Encouraging your child to ignore it
  • Approaching the child who is bullying  Did you know…Dan Olweus’ study shows bullies identified by age eight are four times more likely to be convicted of a crime by the age of 24 and five times more likely than non-bullies to have serious criminal records by the age of 30?

If Your Child Bullies Others at School?

  • Communicate directly to your child:
    • I know you have been involved in bullying
    • Bullying is a serious behavior that is hurtful to others
    • Additional bullying behavior will not be tolerated
    • I am working with your school to monitor your future behavior and/or activities
    • Bullying may result in suspension, expulsion, and possible criminal charges
  • Impose sanctions at home for bullying
  • Maintain open communication with school staff
  • Monitor your child’s activities and peer group
  • Help your child develop positive behavior patterns
  • Seek professional assistance for your child, if necessary

What DOESN’T Work

  • Blaming the victim
  • Ignoring the problem
  • Protecting your child from consequences
  • Denial

Always look for warning signs that may tell you if your child is being bullied or bullying someone else. 

View a list of common warning signs here.