School Nurse Procedure Manual

School Nurse Procedure Manual

I. Child Abuse and Neglect

Alleged Misconduct by Employees 98
Board Policy 98
Child Protective Services 98
Cooperation with Agencies 98
Domestic Violence 98
Early Childhood Programs 98
Notification of Parents 98
Procedure for Reporting 98
Responsibilities of the School Nurse 98
Responsibilities of Counselors 98
Responsibilities of Principal 98

II. Communicable Disease

Immunizations requirements 2015-16
Infection Control Contact With Bodily Fluids 02
Pediculosis 13
Yellow Book 2010
Management of Blood and Bodily Fluid Exposures


III. General Procedures

Accidents and Illness 98
Calendar of Activities 13
Categories of Emergencies 98
Minor Head Neck Spine Injuries 01
Release From School Accidents Illness 01
Retention in School Accidents Illness 98
Serious Head and Neck Injuries 98

IV. Mandated Programs

Mandated Programs Requirements and Reason 09
Dental 02
Growth Screening 09
Hearing Screenings 05
Physical Exams for students 02
Scoliosis 02
Vision Color Discrimination 05
Vision Convex Lens 05
Vision Far Vision 05
Vision Near Vision 05
Vision Screening Sequence 05
Vision Stero Depth Perception 05

V. Medication Administration

Acetaminophen Standing Order 02
Administration of Medication Board Resolution 98
Diastat Guidelines 05
Ibuprofen Standing Order 02
Prescribed Medication Procedure 12
Use of Medication Equip. Board Policy 98

VI. Non-Computerized Health Room

Record of Illness or Injury 98
Screening Worksheets 98
Temporary Problem List 98

VII. Resources

PSHF Dental 05
Public School Health Fund Definition 05
Public School Health Fund Orthodontia 05

VIII. Students With Special Needs

Behavioral Health Emergencies Policy (Suicide)
Do Not Resusciate 98 Orders
Extended School Year 02
Medical Transportation 07
Pregnant Students 09
Protected Handicapped Students 05
Homebound Manual (OSIS)