Special Education Process 1

Contact Information:
                        TaC Coordinator: Russell Washington  (215)400-6752
                        Intervention Coordinators: Joyce Dukes (215)400-6080 & Renay Boyce (215)400-6081

Special Education Process...LEA Responsibilities

  Each capital letter represents a single professional development module. Letters A through I represents all of what a principal and other stakeholders need to know regarding the Special Education process. Principals and other stakeholders may receive an overview of the entire process. They can also choose an individual module to explore a topic in detail. The OSS TaC Core Team develops trainers and technical assistance providers for a wide variety of critical special education issues including IEP development, transition, working with students with behavioral difficulties, and inclusion. The end result is quality education and services for students with disabilities.


A. Child Find
      1.   RTII/SAP
             a.   Pre-referral Intervention Teams 
             b.   Pre-referral Assistance 
             c.   Evaluating Pre-referral Interventions 
      2.  Tier III Referal Process

B. Evaluation/Reevaluation Process
     1.   Legal Mandates
     2.   PTE/PTRE
             a.   Acceptance of Parental Request
             b.   Denial of Parental Request
             c.   PTE/RE Checklist
     3.   Sixty (60) Day Process
            a.   PTE/RE Checklist
                 (1)   Organization for Timeline Compliance
                 (2)   Accountability Systems for Timeline Compliance
           b.   Tests/Assessments
           c.   Evaluation/Reevaluation Multi-Disciplinary Team Report
                 (1)   Role of the Psychologists
                 (2)   Role of Related Services Providers
                 (3)   Role of Teachers (Regular and Special Education)
           d.   Invitation to Participate in IEP Meeting
           e.   Notice of Recommended Educational Placement (NOREP)  

C. Standard Aligned IEPs
     1.  SAS (Standards Aligned System)
          a.    Clear Standards
          b.    Fair Assessments
          c.    Curriculum Framework
          d.    Instruction
          e.    Materials & Resources
          f.     Safe & Supportive Schools

     2.  Writing Standards Aligned IEPs
         a.    Steps to Creating a Standards Aligned IEP
         b.    Present Levels of Academic Achievement
         c.    Prioritizing Student Needs
         d.    Participation in State and Local Assessments
         e.    Measurable Annual Goals and Objectives
         f.    Specially Designed Instruction (SDI), Accommodations, Adaptations, and Modifications
         g.    Supplementary Aids and Services (as Specially Designed Instruction)
     3.  Co- Planning and Co-Teaching (as a Supplementary Aid and Service)
     4.  Universal Design for Learning/Differentiation

                                        Click on Link to Listen to the 30-Minute Recorded Session for: SublimeDesign Webinar
     5.  Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)

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