Retiree Resources

Retiree Resources

Philadelphia Public School Retired Employees Association

The Philadelphia Public School Retired Employees Association (PPSREA) would like to acquaint you with the many activities available to you at the time of your retirement.  They encourage you to participate as fully as possible. Membership in PPSREA is $10.00 annually or $150.00 for a life membership.

Membership includes:

  • Opportunities to socialize with old friends and make new ones.
  • Support of the health and welfare needs of members.
  • You will receive informative newsletters and bulletins to keep you up to date.
  • Legislative activity to protect and improve our pensions.
  • Regional meetings and workshops to discuss issues of concern to retirees.
  • Attendance at subsidized luncheon meetings featuring outstanding programs.

To become a member of this, please complete and return an application card to the PPSREA.  Make check payable to: PPSREA

Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees


The PPSREA highly recommends membership in their state affiliate, the Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees (PASR).  Its record of protecting and securing benefits for all the school retirees is outstanding.  The annual membership fee for PASR is $45.00.  A lifetime membership is $500.00.

Membership in PASR includes:

  • A year round presence in Harrisburg.
  • Representation for all retired School District of Philadelphia employees who receive a pension check from the Pennsylvania Public School Employees’ Retirement System (PSERS).
  • Protecting, securing and obtaining additional  for school retirees.
  • Receiving quarterly News Bulletins with pertinent information.
PPSREA Officials                                                                     

Vivien H. Hansbury

Mamie Bryan
Membership Chair



Please click here to be directed to the Social Security website, where you can find information on Retirement, Disability, SSI and Medicare.

Also, for our Spanish-speaking employees (or family members) the Social Security Administration has just made their online financial planning tool, the Retirement Estimator, available in Spanish.  This is the first t hey they have made one of their online services available in Spanish.  

Please click here for more infomation.


En Español:

Ahora puede calcular sus beneficios de Seguro Social por jubilación usando el Calculador de beneficios de jubilación que está disponible en www.segurosocial.gov

 Michael J. Astrue, el Comisionado del Seguro Social, anunció que el servicio más popular de la agencia disponible por Internet – el Calculador de beneficios de jubilación – ya está disponible en español en www.segurosocial.gov/calculador. El Calculador de beneficios de jubilación usa el propio registro de ganancias del Seguro Social de la persona para calcular una estimación personalizada e inmediata de sus beneficios. Para promover el sitio web y el nuevo servicio en español, la agencia del Seguro Social ha reclutado la ayuda del popular y muy respetado anfitrión, Don Francisco, del conocido programa de televisión Sábado Gigante.

Oprima aquí para mas información.