YS Stipulation

YS Stipulation

Rights of Student and Parent Class
  • District will provide services to ELL students in accordance with Program Standards
  • District will ensure that all staff are fully informed District will provide oversight and monitoring



  • Annually assess effectiveness of programs in schools
  • Identify schools not performing
  • Modify services to improve performance


  • Conduct a thorough evaluation by external experts
  • Periodically at least once every three years beginning 2003-04


  • Ongoing evaluation.
  • Written report due the following September regardless of method.


  • Publish annually school-by-school and district wide date on performance of ELLs on district and state assessments.
  • Data disaggregated by ESOL level, grade and first language for six most spoken languages and combined for others.
  • Share data in ways that are accessible to parents, schools and communities.


  • Equitable at district, area and school levels
  • Responsive to demographic changes
  • No disproportionate reduction

Problem-Solving Process

Annual notification to parents in native language that district will provide services in accordance with the Program Standards.

Dissatisfied parents may:
  • First contact the principal
  • Then contact the person identified on the notice
  • Then contact the designated person in the CAO'S office

All participating staff must speak parents' native language or have translation services.

District ensures that the process functions properly and all staff are aware of the process.