Submit a proposal

Submit a proposal

The Research Review Committee meets on a monthly basis to review research proposals and determine if they meet the requirements for approval. Please find our deadlines and timelines here. We strongly recommend that researchers submit proposals at least 6 months before their intended start date. Those proposals submitted less than 6 months before their intended start date will incur additional submission fees

It is incumbent upon the District to ensure that research studies and surveys do not interfere with instruction or require excessive pupil or staff time. Additionally, we review proposals for compliance with Federal regulations concerning student records, privacy, and participation in research studies (see FERPAHIPPAPPRA). Our main goal is to protect the rights of our students and their families from unauthorized or inappropriate access to them and their personal records for research purposes.  Ultimate responsibility for authorization rests with the Deputy of the Office of Research and Evaluation and the Chief Information Officer.

Other considerations taken into account in the review process include: rigor of experimental design, clarity of methodology and its relationship to research questions, and applicability of findings to other District interests. Finally, please be aware that there are hundreds of ongoing programs, activities, and research projects in Philadelphia's District schools, which the Committee takes into account when considering proposals.

We strongly recommend that you read the District's Action Plan and all posted documents to ensure full understanding of these guidelines and procedures for conducting research, evaluations, and surveys within the School District of Philadelphia.

In order to submit a research proposal, follow the procedures and template found HERE. A sample logic model can be found HERE. All necessary proposal forms, including the standard cover page, can be found HERE

If your research proposal includes a data request, please be sure to fill out the Research Proposal Data Form. Once your proposal has been approved, an electronic data request form will be required. 


NOTE: All new research proposals must be accompanied by a processing fee based on the research project's start date (effective January 1, 2017). Fees are calculated based on three cutoffs: proposals submitted six or more months before the intended start date ($40 fee), proposals submitted 3-6 months before the intended start date ($80 fee), and proposals submitted less than 3 months before the start date ($120 fee).  Please submit a money order only made out to The School District of Philadelphia along with your proposal. External data requests will be assessed a fee for processing and filling. The fee amount will be indicated on your data agreement (completed after RRC approval) and you will be invoiced when the data request is filled.