Data Requests

Data Requests

The School District of Philadelphia is responsible for collecting data regarding our students, schools and staff. The Office of Research and Evaluation works with the Office of Strategic Analytics to both utilize the data and also keep it secure. We frequently receive requests from individuals and organizations for access to our data. Most often, these requests are related to a study being conducted that has been approved by the Research Review Committee. If you are interested in receiving data for the purpose of research, and have not already been approved by the committee, please click here. If your study has already been approved by the RRC, please follow the link to the online data request form and be sure to include you study number in the request.

In some cases, it is not necessary to go through the Research Review Committee, these include, but are not limited to: internal District staff; journalists or authors looking for aggregate data not publicly available; recruiters for the U.S. Armed Forces; organizations with a standing MOU with the District that provides for data collection.

If you fall within these categories, or believe you are eligible to make a data request without RRC approval, please fill out our online data request form. However, please note: 1) It is our job to abide by all Federal laws protecting student and staff data, as well as our own privacy standards. As such, your request may be denied; 2) Our offices have limited capacity to fill external requests. If your request is not a District priority, you may be denied or required to wait several months for your data.

Also, please be aware that extensive school level data for all District and Charter schools is available to the public on the Pennsylvania Department of Education's website.