Renaissance Schools Initiative: Year I

Renaissance Schools Initiative: Year I

2010 Renaissance Schools


On May 12, 2010, the School Reform Commission (SRC) authorized The School District of Philadelphia to match Renaissance Schools with the following Turnaround Teams:

 Renaissance School
 Turnaround Team
 Guion S. Bluford Elementary School Universal Companies
 Samuel H. Daroff Elementary School Universal Companies
 Frederick Douglass Elementary School  Young Scholars Charter School
 William F. Harrity Elementary School 
 Mastery Charter Schools
 William B. Mann Elementary School Mastery Charter Schools
 Franklin Smedley Elementary School  Mastery Charter Schools
 John B. Stetson Middle School 
 Aspira Inc. of PA


The School Advisory Councils (SAC), in partnership with parents and community members, met for several weeks in order to review multiple Turnaround Team options and ultimately recommended the Turnaround Teams that met the needs of their school community. On May 11, 2010, the Superintendent reviewed SAC preferences and submitted her school match recommendations for SRC approval. The list above reflects the finals school matches authorized by the SRC.

RFI Support Organizations


On January 27, 2010, the School District also solicited proposals from Support Applicants who could provide expertise in a particular functional area to support school turnaround, but who were not necessarily qualified to manage an entire school.  Support Applicants responded to a Request for Information (RFI), and the District qualified a list of approximately 150 organizations.  Support applicants will only participate in Renaissance Schools if they are selected by approved Turnaround Team organizations.

For a list of RFI support organizations, click here

Initiative: Year II