Accelerated Programs

Accelerated Programs

A school option for students to get back on track and earn credits towards graduation in less than 3 years.

Interested students who wish to enroll in an accelerated program should start by contacting the Re-Engagement Center.

Accelerated Programs:

School Name


Phone Number

Contact Person

Crossroads Accelerated Academy 
4300 Westminister Ave 
Phila PA 19104
(215) 292-6620Dr. Kimberly Grahn
El Centro de Estudiantes
126 W Dauphin St,
Phila PA 19133
(267) 687-1172Tiffaney Whipple
Excel Academy North
1435 N. 26th St 
Phila PA 19121
(215) 684-5080Ryan Muller
Excel Academy South 4641 Roosevelt Blvd,
Phila PA 19124
(215) 904-6235Scott Cruttenden
One Bright Ray- Fairhill 2820 N. 4th St,
Phila PA 19133
(215) 423-1776Joycet Velasquez
One Bright Ray-Simpson
1142 E. Erie Ave.,
Phila, PA 19124
(215) 543-5939
Melissa Pergine
444 N. 3rd St
Phila PA 19103
(215) 567-2410Dr. Pamela Thomas
Ombudsman NW Accel
2111 Eastburn St,
Phila PA 19138
(215) 924-8950Julita Byrd
Ombudsman S Accel
2715 S. Front St,
Phila PA 19148
(215) 334-5290
Kyle Bowen
Performance Learning Center SW54th & Grays Ave,
Phila PA 19143
(215) 299-2500 x. 2514
Nyne Sellers
One Bright Ray - Elmwood Campus6404 Elmwood Ave, 
Phila PA 19142 
(215) 488-1177Marcus Delgado
YES Philly 

1231 N. Broad Street,

Phila PA 19122 

(215) 769-0340Taylor Frome