Parent Coordinators

Parent Coordinators

Office of Family and Community Engagement has eight parent coordinators - one per Learning network.

Parent Coordinators:

  • Assist schools in expanding parent engagement opportunities and building stronger school-family partnerships
  • Support parents in resolving their concerns
  • Act as a liaison between central office/school staff and families
  • Disseminate information about services and resources
  • Organize and facilitate parent workshops and information fairs
  • Help schools in forming a School Advisory Council
  • Provide other services and resources to meet the diverse needs of all families

Download a flyer with Parent Coordinator assignments by school and Learning Network.

Neighborhood Network 1

Parent Coordinator:
Maria Quinones
E-mail:   mquinones2@philasd.org
Cell #:    267-738-7081

Neighborhood Network 2

Parent Coordinator:
LuQman Abdullah
E-mail:     labdullah@philasd.org
Cell #:     267-738-7034
Office #:  215-400-5340

Neighborhood Network 3

Parent Coordinator:
Dorian Harris (temporary)

E-mail:    ask@philasd.org
Office #:  215-400-4180

Neighborhood Network 4

Parent Coordinator:
Dorian Harris
E-mail:     dharris4@philasd.org
Cell #:     215-400-1462
Office #:  215-400-6631

Neighborhood Network 5

Parent Coordinator:
Linda Maldonado
E-mail:   lmaldonado@philasd.org
Cell #:   267-738-7059

Neighborhood Network 6

Karen Kolsky, Assistant Superintendent

Parent Coordinator:
John Holland
E-mail:   jholland@philasd.org
Cell #267-738-7058

Neighborhood Network 7

Parent Coordinator:
Melanie Oeun-Greenhalgh
E-mail:   noeun@philasd.org
Cell #267-738-7065

Neighborhood Network 8

Parent Coordinator:
Sherry Williams
E-mail:   swilliams3@philasd.org
Cell #:   267-738-7084