Small Business Development

Small Business Development

Small Business Development

The primary mission of Small Business Development is to promote equal opportunity in all contracting and employment opportunities with the School District of Philadelphia.  The office is responsible for developing and implementing procedures for increasing the number of Local Small Businesses bidding on and winning School District of Philadelphia contracts.  These procedures include eliminating practices and procedures that restrict the ability of Minority and Women's Business Enterprises (M/WBE) to compete for contracts; developing and maintaining relationships with the minority business communities; providing technical assistance on doing business with the School District of Philadelphia; developing training activities for School District of Philadelphia staff; and communicating the School District of Philadelphia's commitment to equal opportunity to all School District of Philadelphia staff.

Small Business Development does not certify M/WBE. SBD accepts the certification of approved certifying agencies including local, state and federal governments.


Anti-Discrimination Policy

The Anti-Discrimination Policy was adopted by the School Reform Commission November of 2007. It was developed to formalize the commitment of the School Reform Commission to fair and equal access of contracting opportunities with the School District. The adoption of the policy will provide the frame work for developing procedures to ensure that contracts, suppliers, vendors and consultants with whom the School District does business reflects the community it serves. The policy applies to publicly awarded contracts for design, development, construction, supplies, services, equipment and professional services.

Small Business Directory

  • Small Business Directory - The Small Business Development Division maintains a directory of certified minority, woman owned and Non-Profit businesses.
  • Bidder Application Form - This form is used to maintain a directory of firms that Procurement may contact for contracting opportunities.
  • M/WBE Participation Plan Form - This form is used to record the relationship between the Prime and Subcontractors.
  • Notice to Non-Profit Form - This information is to be submitted by Non-Profit Organizations in order to be included in the Small Business Development database.

Vendor Code of Ethics

The School District of Philadelphia ("SDP") through its Office of Procurement Services ("OPS"), is committed to a procurement process that fosters fair and open competition, is conducted under the highest ethical standards and enjoys the complete confidence of the public. To achieve these purposes, OPS requires each vendor who seeks to do business with the SDP to subscribe to this Vendor Code of Ethics.