Suicide Prevention Information

Suicide Prevention Information

The Office of Prevention and Intervention at The School District of Philadelphia supports school counselors and partners with schools to support the behavioral health needs of students.  For many students, especially those facing the adolescent years, sadness or mood swings can be a typical part of their developmental stage.  As a parent it might sometimes be hard to tell if your child's emotions are part of these teenage years, or when they are because of a more serious concern.  Many parents are aware that suicide is a high risk facing youth throughout our nation. (It is the third leading cause of adolescent fatalities).  This is a frightening national statistic and one that every parent wants to prevent at any cost. 

Our Office has put together some information that can help you and your child learn more about suicide prevention, and can raise your awareness about some of the signs and risk factors, as well as protective factors, to keep your child safe in the case that they face concerns related to significant depression or suicidal thought.  Suicide awareness is key to suicide prevention. 

Suicide is preventable.

Here are some resources for your and your family: