Payroll Department

Payroll Department


Welcome to the Payroll Department webpage. We offer a variety of services related to issuing payment and making deductions from employee payments.



In order to accomodate the change to the academic calendar beginning with the 17-18 school year, we must adjust the 16-17 payment schedule for employees thart work ten months but are paid over twelve months. The calendar change requires us to shift the payment period from September 1 through August 31 to August 16 through August 15 of the following year.

Normally, in July and August, employees receive four equal checks ending with the last check in August. This final August check pays out the balance of the funds that were accrued during the school year. The first check in September begins paying employees for the new school year. 

This summer will be slightly different. The total amount accrued for the summer will be paid out over three checks instead of the normal four. These checks, dated July 14, July 28 and August 11, will be 1/3 higher than the checks received during the 16-17 school year. The check dated August 11 will pay out the full balance of funds that you accrued in the 16-17 school year. Employees may verify that they received the full amount of reserve by summing the reserve accruals and payouts in all of the checks in the 16-17 beginning with the check dated 9/9/16.

We will begin paying for the 17-18 school year in the check dated 8/25. This check will be the normal 1/26 of the employee's salary. The 17-18 school year will be paid in 26 checks with the final check dated August 10,  2018. The 18-19 school year will begin payment with the August 24, 2018 check.



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