Welcome to the Office of Multilingual Curriculum and Programs

Welcome to the Office of Multilingual Curriculum and Programs

Welcome to the Office of Multilingual Curriculum and Programs

Welcome to the website of the Office of Multilingual Curriculum and Programs (OMCP). This website represents our commitment to informing, connecting, and engaging with our staff, our families, and our communities by providing information and resources for all our stakeholders.

We hope that you will use this site often. Please feel free to share your questions, comments, and suggestions with us!     

Please be patient with us as our OMCP website is currently under construction. 


The updated GRADE/GMADE Assessment Answer Sheets can be found here: 1st Grade2nd Grade, and 3rd Grade

STAR Math and Reading Tests for Exit can be accessed here

Immigrant Student Registration Packets  

For the new immigrant student registration packets in a language other than English, please click the following link: https://webapps.philasd.org/tdm/search/any/xzwyNReg#results. 

S21: SCN Data Entry for ELLs

The powerpoint for entering the S-21 can be found here

Testing of Incoming Kindergarten Student

Please do not administer the WAPT to students who have registered for Kindergarten for September 2013. These students will have the opportunity to acquire language over the summer. All Kindergarten students will be given the W-APT in the Fall.

ESOL Data Folders

Schools are required to retain ESOL Data Folders of students for seven (7) years on site, and then sent to the SDP Records Center. This applies to students who have been withdrawn, transferred to charter schools, or who are inactive in the School Computer Network (SCN). ESOL Data Folders for students who have graduated should be sent to the SDP Records Center one (1) year following graduation. Any questions regarding this process, please contact the SDP Records Center at (215) 400-6253.

Rostering Guidelines

Principals and school administrators should read and review the following rostering guidelines.  Schools are responsible for following these guidelines when rostering ELLs for next school year.  Questions or concerns can be addressed to the Multilingual Program Manager.  

Free word-to-word glossaries for PSSA/Keystone Exams

This website has free word-to-word glossaries in over 10 languages that can be downloaded and used by ELLs during Math and Science PSSA as well as the Biology and Algebra Keystone.



PA English Language Proficiency Standards


Below please find the Pennsylvania English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) and PowerPoint presentation which provides further clarity of the standards. The presentation explains the following key concepts:

  • the need for PA English Language Proficiency Standards
  • the ELPS framework and its application to curriculum and instruction
  • the levels of language proficiency and how they impact student learning
  • the integration of ELPS with PA Academic Standards and the need for collaboration among ALL educators. 
For more information, please contact the ELL Manager for your Academic Division


PA English Language Proficiency Standards

PA English Language Proficiency Standards Presentation