Library Programs and Services

Library Programs and Services


The School District of Philadelphia Library Media Program

The School District welcomes you to our library home page. It is an exciting time for Philadelphia's 21st Century school libraries current and motivating initiatives. First, our program of instruction encompasses multiple literacies and enriches learners to find information, use it with competence, and communicate their knowledge and learning with confidence and morality.  Our program motivates our students to become readers for life. Secondly, all library media facilatators will energize our 21st Centry Learners to be productive citizens who appreciate literature and the freedom of reading to develop idealogies they will use to make a difference in their lives.

The Library Division of the Office of Teaching and Learning supports:

  • The initiative to increase student independent reading and research by providing instruction in information literacy skills, supported by AASL's Standards for 21st Century Learners. Using Year at a Glance for grades K - 3, grades 4 - 6, grades 7 -9  and grades 10 - 12, library staff will empower our students to be independent learners who are critical thinkers.
  • Use of Common Core Standards to guide collaboration and co-teaching in our Library core programs.
  • Staff development in effective use of technologies and best practices in the library media program.
  • The management of K -12 library collections through the use of Destiny and Alexandria automated systems.
  • The expansion of educational outreach to students, parents, and community members.
  • The use of libraries as reference and meeting centers for professionals, non professionals and small business owners and organizations recognized by the district.
  • The integration of the core curriculum and the Pennsylvania State Standards throughout the content areas.


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