Laptop Drop-Off Center (LDOC)

Laptop Drop-Off Center (LDOC)

General Information

440 N. Broad St., Suite 1164


Mon to Fri,  8:30am – 4:30pm
Closed for lunch from 12:30pm to 1:30pm daily





Closed on all holidays when administrative offices are closed.


Edston Detrich

Director, I.T. Customer Service and Field Support



Mathew Mistalski

Technical Support Specialist  




  • Diagnostics and repair of all school district laptop computers
  • Diagnostics and repair of all school district desktop computers that can be brought to the center
  • Data transfers
  • Reimaging of all computers re-tasked or reassigned to another user
  • Purging of data for computers being reassigned to another user
  • Hard drive recovery*
  • Operating System reinstallation

* Hard drive recovery is a difficult and unreliable process. We can make absolutely no guarantees whether we can recover data on a failed hard drive. We will use every tool at our disposal to recover your data, but can make no promises.


  • Repair and dispatch services on all school district computers that are under manufacturer’s warranty. 
    • We will diagnose and attempt to repair any in-warranty computers that can be fixed without replacing parts.  If parts are needed, we will order the warranted part and replace it in-house, or we will dispatch the computer to the manufacturer for warranty repair.


  • Repair on all school district computers that are out of warranty. 
    • We will diagnose and attempt to repair any out-of-warranty computers that can be fixed without replacing parts.  If parts are needed, we will search our inventory for available replacement parts.  If the part is available, we will replace it.  If not, the school or office that owns the computer will be given the option to pay for the repair directly.


  • Computer ownership
    • We will only repair computers owned by the Philadelphia School District.  We will not service personally owned equipment


  • Physical Damages
    • Manufacturers suspend warranty status on any computer equipment that shows signs of abuse or neglect.  Warranty repairs will NOT be performed on computers that:
      • Show any indication of being dropped
      • Show any indication of being struck or kicked
      • Have any liquid spills
      • Are excessively dirty
      • Show any indication of being opened by someone not qualified to do so
    • Laptops with cracked screens will NOT be repaired unless the school, office, or user agrees to pay for the repair directly
    • Consumable items like laptop batteries will not be replaced by this center


  • Accessories
    • Although it may be necessary to leave the A/C adapter for your laptop,  please do not leave any accessories such as carry bags, external devices, etc. as we can not be responsible for their return.


Although we would like to service all computers immediately, staffing and time are our constraints. If you are bringing a computer in for repair, please expect to leave it at the LDOC. The time it takes to repair your computer depends on the circumstances that create the need for service. Typically, simple repairs that do not require any parts replacements should be back to the user within 2 business days.

Computers that need to be dispatched to the manufacturer can take anywhere from 4 days to 2 weeks depending on the status of the servicing company at the time of dispatch. We make no guarantees on turnaround time for repairs as we have a changing workflow every day.

Typical Service Process

  • When the computer is brought in, we will do a quick assessment to determine the course of action needed to make repairs. Where possible, quick fixes will be applied to remedy the problem.
  • A work order will be generated and contact information will be taken.
  • When repairs are completed, an automatic email will be generated by the system informing the contact that their computer is ready.
  • At the time of pickup, a routing slip will be given to the user so they may pass security at the exits of the Education Center.