Getting Started

Getting Started

Select Wellness Champion 

We highly recommend school Principal's to identify a committed Wellness Champion to lead the efforts of the School Wellness Council.


Steps to Establishing a Wellness Council



Identify Council Members


Host Council Meetings


Assessing Your School 



Planning for Improvement

Health Improvement Plan Ideas

Creating your school's Health Improvement Plan entails utilizing the information gathered from the assessment and the asset inventory to determine specific activities and healthy goals. Schools are encouraged to identify at least one nutrition and one physical activity goal. Below please find some ideas that could help get you started!

Nutrition Activities

Healthy Classroom Parties, Healthy Food Fundraisers, Healthy Non-food Fundraisers, Non-food Rewards, School-wide Healthy Eating Rule

Physical Activities

Movement Breaks, Physical Activity Clubs, Physical Activity Rewards System, Socialized Recess, Walking Club, Wii System Fitness 


The Food Trust, Bicycle Coalition, Safe Routes Philly, JAMmin' Minute, FUTP60, Get Healthy Philly, WCU - Center for Healthier Schools, Let's Move, Healthy Youth (CDC), Eat Right Now

Tell Us About Your Healthy Initiatives!

We want to hear your success stories! Share with us what your school is doing to create a healthy school environment for students, faculty, and staff. Please complete the submission form and let us know if you'd like your success story spotlighted in an upcoming Campaign for Healthier School's Newsletter!

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