Philadelphia Campaign for Healthier Schools

Philadelphia Campaign for Healthier Schools


"Improving the health and wellness of our students, staff and school environment through policy awareness, increased nutrition and physical activities and local school empowerment."

The Philadelphia Campaign for Healthier Schools provides an unprecedented opportunity to create schools where every student is fit, healthy and ready to learn. The initiative builds on the District's comprehensive School Wellness Policy, established in 2006, and ranked as one of the outstanding models throughout the nation. 

The overarching goals of the Campaign for Healthier Schools are: 

  • Create Coordinated School Wellness Councils to assess the school environment and create a Health Improvement Plan (HIP);
  • Increase physical activities in schools;
  • Increase the availability of healthy foods and nutritional awareness; and
  • Decrease the availability of unhealthy items.

Participating schools have received materials and resources to support the implementation of the healthy initiatives outlined in their HIP. We invite you to review our Year One Report, which highlights all of the wonderful accomplishments made by our participating schools. 

While the initiative is scheduled to conclude by the end of the 2012-2013 school year, we have created this site with the purpose of providing all of our District's schools with the information and resources that will assist with taking the steps to creating healthier learning environments. Throughout the course of this initiative we have witnessed the great work our students, teachers, and staff are capable of accomplishing when involved in healthy activities. Now we are asking you to help us sustain this momentum!

We invite you to browse our video resources for the steps that will assist you in establishing your School's Wellness Council, as you aspire towards creating a healthier and more active school environment... Get Started!

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