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Programs & Services


Our children are responsible for making daily decisions that have lifelong impact on their health and well-being.  As students, children are also responsible for being prepared for learning each and every day. It is the responsibility of schools and families to teach children how to be healthy because children and youth cannot learn if they are not healthy.  There is sound research connecting health and academic achievement.  An overview of that research can be found at http://www.cdc.gov/healthyyouth/health_and_academics/index.htm

Health Education in schools, as a planned, sequential and comprehensive program, teaches students the necessary knowledge and skills to develop healthful living practices by emphasizing the development of positive lifelong health-related attitudes and behaviors. Health education incorporates a view of health that focuses on physical, emotional, social, and intellectual well-being that is largely influenced by social forces, such as culture, the media, technology, gender, race and ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. It is designed to meet the needs of children and their families and is grounded in sound research, theory, and practice.

The physically educated student understands the importance of physical activity and realizes that skills learned in Physical Education are applied to lifelong recreation and activity.  Physically educated students put a high priority on their own personal fitness and health.  Physical Education class provides an environment that supports and refines the kinesthetic intelligence.  Physical Education class teaches students movement, teamwork, decision-making, self-reliance and the overall enjoyment and benefits of play.

The Office of Health, Safety and Physical Education promotes research-based curriculum, instruction and assessment in order to provide the most comprehensive and high quality Health and Physical Education program.  Teachers, staff and parents are welcome to contact the Office of Health, Safety and Physical Education at 215-400-6814.

Bettyann Creighton, Executive Director
440 N. Broad Street
Portal C, Academic Enrichment & Support
Voice 215.400-6814
Fax 215.400-4195



Jane Friedman, Director, Nutrition Education Program
PA Nutrition Education TRACKS
School District of Philadelphia
Catharine Annex, Room 205
6900 Greenway Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19142
215-727-2202 Fax

EAT.RIGHT.NOW. provides FREE nutrition outreach programs and services to all public school students, teachers, staff, administrators and parents. EAT.RIGHT.NOW. is based at both school and community sites, during school hours as well as after school, and involves nutrition education at various levels. Some basic messages include nutritious snacking, increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, proper label reading, and understanding the importance of breakfast.

All EAT.RIGHT.NOW. programs and services meet objectives established by the Pennsylvania Nutrition Education TRACKS. Our nutrition lessons and programs are approximately 45 minutes in length, and all follow-up lessons and activities provided to teachers comply with the Pennsylvania Academic Standards.



Judith Peters, Coordinator
440 N. Broad Street
Portal C, Academic Enrichment & Support
Voice 215.400-6803
Fax 215.400-4195
The goal of the SDP HIV prevention education program is to expand and strengthen comprehensive school health education with a particular emphasis on preventing HIV infection, other sexually transmitted infections, and unintended pregnancy. The program includes designing and offering of professional development opportunities, maintaining a comprehensive resource center for teachers, reviewing Human Sexuality materials and presentations to be used in the classroom, development of strategies to reduce the rate of HIV/AIDS students throughout Philadelphia, and conducting the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS).


Youth Leadership and Unified Sports

Students with and without intellectual disabilities can participate in Special Olympics as an athlete (individuals with intellectual disabilities), partner (individuals without intellectual disabilities) or as a coach right in their own schools! Special Olympics programming is currently offered in more than 30 Philadelphia Public and Charter Schools and is frequently referred to as Interscholastic Unified Sports (IUS). Promoting inclusion and meaningful participation for all, IUS programming in Philadelphia offers recreational and competitive training in bocce, track & field and soccer, as well as offers opportunities for students to become advocates in spreading the mission and vision of Special Olympics to their peers and communities. Our school-based programming has something for everyone no matter their ability level. 

For more information about our school programs and to learn how you can get YOUR school involved, please contact Alex Christy

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Breast Cancer Awareness and Support

The School District of Philadelphia and Komen Philadelphia are proud to announce the 6th Annual Susan G. Komen Philadelphia Pretty in Pig "Dollar Defense" contest program happening the week of October 17, 2016. As is tradition, this awareness and fundraising initiative will include a special one-day contest designed to bring vital focus to National Mammography Day (10/21/16). Together with faculty, students and families, we will spend an empowering week generating awareness and fundraising to help people in our community fight breast cancer, as well as support researchers.

"Dollar Defense" will celebrate National Mammography Day by generating awareness and fundraising for critical breast health services right here at home.

  • Spread the word! We encourage students to share with the women in their families the importance of mammograms and talking to their doctors about breast health.
  • We are asking every student to donate $1 or more during the week of October 17, 2016. Additional donations are welcome, and encouraged.
  • Every student who donates $1 or more can participate in his/her school's special awareness activity on Friday, October 21, 2016 to celebrate National Mammography Day.
  • The top ten fundraising schools will be celebrated at a Dietz & Watson "Grillebration" at the Philadelphia School District Administrative Building, 440 N. Broad Street.

Because of The Philadelphia Schools' past "Dollar Defense" fundraising, over the last five years, Komen Philadelphia has been able to provide hundreds of free mammograms to women in need in our local community.

Philadelphia Campaign for Healthier Schools

The School District of Philadelphia (SDP) was a key partner  in  Philadelphia's Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) nutrition and physical activity initiative in 2010-2012.  In partnership with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH), The Food Trust (TFT), and the Bicycle Coalition (BC) this initiative focused on increasing the availability of healthy foods, nutritional awareness and increasing physical activity for all students.This work continues in the city initiative, Get Healthy Philly.

For more information and resources, click here.

Red Cross Clubs

Judith Peters, Coordinator
440 N Broad Street
Portal C, Academic Enrichment & Support
Voice 215.400-6803
Fax 215.400-4195

In a joint collaboration between the Office of Health, Safety, and Physical Education in conjunction with the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Red Cross, Red Cross Clubs have been created in many of our schools. In these school clubs, students are provided training and certification in the areas of First Aid, CPR, AED, Disaster Preparedness and Water Safety.  Students participate in community service and provide peer education for high school and elementary students.


Steps to a Healthier Philadelphia

A five year grant received in 2003 by the Philadelphia Department of Health in partnership with The School District of Philadelphia and the US Department of Health and Human Services through the Center for Disease Control & Prevention. This grant has expired, however, the work continues.  The SDP Wellness Policy and School Wellness Councils are results of the Steps grant.


BEEP (Bicycle Education Enhancement Program)

The BEEP  program was originally conceived by the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, in partnership with the School District of Philadelphia, as a way to teach Philadelphia's school-age children how to safely use the 300-mile Philadelphia Bike Network. This programs continues under the supervision of the Bicycle Coalition.

Contact Bettyann Creighton at 215.400.6814.