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Welcome to the I.T. Help Desk Frequently Asked Questions section of our website.  Here you will find lists of the most common questions our friendly help desk technicians hear.  For your convenience we have categorized them into the following topics:

Where Do I Go If... - This guide will let you know where to go in regard to these common issues and questions.

Advantage/MainFrame (IBM) - these FAQs include guidence on accessing the Advantage Finance HR and Payroll System.

School Computer Network (Castor/Pollux) - these FAQs include general guidence accessing SCN.

Tpers/Paystub - these FAQs discuss Tpers/Paystub, and who to contact if Tpers/Paystub information is incorrect.

SchoolNet - these FAQs provide guidance on accessing SchoolNet, the SDP's instructional management system.

Printers and Printing - these FAQs provide guidance on what to try if your printer is not working, printer connectivity issues, and questions regarding ink cartridge.

Passwords, Access & Login- these FAQs advise you what to do if your password is revoked, what process to follow to request access to Castor/Pollux (SCN), Mainframe and LAN. 

Email and Voicemail- these FAQs discuss process and problems related to email and voicemail.

Antivirus Technical Support - These FAQs cover the procedures for downloading SDP's antivirus software.

School District of Philadelphia Computer Repair Policies and Procedures - This document covers support of school based staff and computers as well as laptops and peripheral devices. 

Procedure for “Out-of-Warranty” or “Accidental Damage” Apple Computer repairs.  Please follow this link for more detailed information regarding the step-by-step procedure for this new service: Apple "Out-Of_Warranty" Repair Services

PDF Plug-in Assistance

OctoShape Removal