Grant Compliance and Fiscal Services

Grant Compliance and Fiscal Services


Welcome to the Office of Grant Development and Compliance (OGDC), responsible for grant services from inception to close-out. OGDC consists of three separate offices working together to maximize the resources available to the students of Philadelphia.

 The Office of Grant Development (OGD) is the central coordinating office of all major grant-seeking activities in the District, providing expert grant-writing services to all District offices and schools, particularly in pursuit of government grants awarded on a competitive basis. By helping offices and schools to win and successfully implement such grants, the goal is to maximize the resources available to carry out the District's initiatives and to meet the needs of students and families.

The Office of Grant Fiscal Services (GFS) provides financial management  and reporting support to grant program personnel and schools in accordance with applicable State and Federal laws, regulations, and specific grant terms and conditions. GFS also helps determine District grant allocations and provides support and technical assistance to program managers regarding budgets, fiscal reporting and funding projections.

The Grant Compliance Office (GCO) works cooperatively with the grant program managers / school principals and support staff to ensure that grants are managed properly and that government funds are consistently utilized across offices and schools in accordance with applicable State and Federal laws, regulations, EDGAR, Federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) circulars, and specific grant terms and conditions. To support that effort, the GCO develops policies, procedures and provides operational support to program personnel for best practice grant management and compliance, provides operational support to program managers. In addition, the GCO collaborates with other agencies and organizations to identify and address educational policy issues and compliance concerns, and oversees the implementation of the Grant Corrective Action Plan agreed to by The School District of Philadelphia, US Department of Education, and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Office of Federal Programs is focused on federal grant program management and issues, with direct responsibility for managing the Title I Non-Public Programs function to include SES / School Choice.  The Executive Director of Federal Programs works closely with internal and external federal program managers and coordinate activities with the other offices within OGDC to address program specific and federal cross-cutting policy and program issues, compliance in the first instance, and to define and develop program policy options for senior management.

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