Farm to School Program

Farm to School Program

This program puts Philadelphia at the forefront of the national farm to school movement by connecting select schools with local farmers to bring fresh local fruits and vegetables into the schools. 

Beginning in 2009, the School District of Philadelphia has been purchasing fresh, healthy, locally grown fruits and vegetables for use in schools meals. Over the past several years, the program has grown from 5 cafeterias to 100+ cafeterias, with a broad reach across the City of Philadelphia.

Food service trainings and farm tours, youth engagement, marketing, and healthy food messaging have been part of this program throughout its implementation. This past school year, the School District of Philadelphia purchased and served over $100,000 worth of local fresh fruits and vegetables to students across the District.

 Seashore Produce

Did you know that over the summer months many students, staff and community partners worked together to develop a freezing and preservation method for fresh blueberries? This processing allows these nutrient-dense goodies to be enjoyed throughout the school year. Extending the season of blueberries becomes especially important during colder months when the produce otherwise would not be in season!

Interested in the season extension processing? Check out how the students and staff got involved by watching the videos below!

Operation Collard Greens

Operation Blueberries


Farm Tour to Longview Farm



As part of the Farm to School program, students from Saul Agricultural and Northeast High Schools, joined by staff from The School District of Philadelphia and Food Trust, took a tour of Greener Partners’ Longview Farm in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, on June 3rd. Longview Farm is an organic farm that sits on 120 acres of preserved farmland and grows all of its produce using organic and sustainable farming practices. On the farm tour, students and staff learned all about these farming practices and the diverse array of organic produce that is grown at Longview. Students and staff also toured their market and education gardens, met their chickens and goats and learned about their contribution to the farm, and helped pick strawberries to bring to market. The farm tour presented the students with a unique opportunity to connect with local farmers, and was a tremendous educational experience for everyone who attended!


Click on the link to learn more about farm to school programs. http://www.farmtoschool.org/