Office of Federal Program Design & Implementation

Office of Federal Program Design & Implementation


The Office of Federal Program Design & Implementation provides district and schools with the necessary supports to enact policy requirement of various federal programs of Title I, NCLB and the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Planning for improved school performance and student achievement provides a mechanism for identifying needs and establishing a common approach to meeting those needs at the school level. School Improvement is based on a continuous improvement model using research-based and evidence-based accepted best practices.The job of the program design and implementation team is to lead the development of a school- and district-level comprehensive plan that addresses student achievement needs, to monitor the implementation of the plan, to identify evidences of success and to revise the plan using data-driven decision making processes when appropriate.



2017-2018 School Planning and Goal Setting Continued!!!

The month of April will focus on the completion of the 3rd tab (2017-2018 Goals) in the Goal Setting tool! This tab centers on the selection of evidenced based approaches and actionable steps you plan to take to accomplish your 2017-2018 Priority Goals. For ALL schools, the 3rd tab should be complete by April 21, 2017 (note: the deadline was extended to accommodate for Spring Break).
Schools will receive support from our office in transferring goals into the PDE Comprehensive Plan Portal in phases. The first phase of supports will occur by April 28, 2017 in preparation for the May 28 Day Public Review of your SIP/SLP.  The second phase of schools will transfer goals into the Comprehensive Plan Portal in May. 
Network Senior Associates will contact you to support you through these next phases!! 
To layer supports, on April 20th and 21st we will offer a series of working sessions!!! To register for one of the working sessions, click the link: https://goo.gl/forms/X3XLvNKcq95pXdhU2