Training Center

Timothy P. McCollum - Training Manager

The Training Center, managed by Timothy McCollum, provides high quality educational experience for current and prospective professionals while promoting standards for safety, quality workmanship and sound work habits. This is achieved by combining on-the-job work experiences with unique classroom learning provided by Training Instructors.

The Training Center team builds self-reliance and learning in a positive atmosphere. Through the use of innovative teaching strategies, communicative skills and current technology, we remain attuned with today’s technological advances and a realization if tomorrow’s ever changing environment. Our task is to prepare individuals for service as professionals in the care, operation and maintenance of our learning environments and buildings.

The Training Center team also facilitates and provides Building Engineer Trainees with the direction to clearly understand the safety, theory, design, operating principals, construction, components, flow paths and thermodynamics of physical plants. The curriculum, instructional disciplines and programs utilized support a continual force pertaining to the trades, technical and managerial skills. Instruction and hands-on training of custodial practices with emphasis on safety and practical use of equipment directly relate to buildings and grounds. Application and adherence along with positive attitudes reinforces the individual’s endeavors toward their chosen professional and technical careers.

The Training Center has developed and or cataloged the following items to assist with the daily operations of our facilites: