About Operations

Operations provides support for the daily activities and operation of School District buildings in a manner that provides a superior standard of service and reliability to our customers - students, their parents, staff and community at the highest level of productivity and efficiency. Operations ensures that all buildings are operated and maintained in the safest manner possible. We strive to operate our physical plants in a safe and efficient manner, ready our buildings for inclement weather and clean all areas to provide for a healthy atmosphere. This level of service provides the students and staff with an environment conducive to learning.

Executive Director of Operations

The Executive Director of Operations oversees all activities in the operations department. They report directly to the Chief Operating Officer. In addition they:

  • Manage a staff of Facility Area Coordinators
  • Communicate the goals and objectives to all staff under their leadership of both the School District of Phila. & Facilities Management & Services.
  • Are responsibile for the clean, safe and well maintained operation of school buildings.  Establish clear expectation for staff.
  • Coordinate operation services from other School District offices
  • Are responsible for the financial management of operations budget for payroll, equipment and supplies
  • Include problem solving with Facilities staff and other educational colleagues
  • Demonstrate leadership and support for team approach
  • Establish positive working relationship between management and labor
  • Demonstrate adherence to rules related to all contracts
  • Demonstrate adherence to rules related to municipal regulations and School District policy
  • Demonstrate leadership and support during emergency situations
  • Ensure the professional & timely completion of job related correspondence and paperwork
  • Show prompt communication to supervisors & field based staff

Facility Area Coordinators

Facility Area Coordinators (FACs) report directly to the Director of Operations. Their responsiblities include:

  • Periodic visits to School District locations to perform inspections of facilities
  • Periodic visits with principals to address and facilities deficiencies and identify the proper course of action
  • Supervision of building engineers and cleaning staffs in School District locations

Building Engineer

Building Engineers are the on-site representative of Facilities. They report to the Assistant Manager and:

  • They are required to possess a Class A Stationary Engineer's license through the City of Philadelphia
  • They are the main point of contact for the building's principal
  • Provide daily technical direction and supervision of school-based facilities services which may consists of assistant building engineers, custodial assistants and general cleaners. They assign cleaning responsibilities to the building staff. These duties and assignments are based on the size of the building and total complement of staff