In order to compensate for a more than 90% reduction in the FY 11 postage budget, mailroom services has been tasked to distribute postage charges to each school and office. Although additional  administrative duties will be inevitable, the mailroom expects the new procedure will bring efficiency to the School District's postal operations and aid the District in optimizing the use of discounted postal rates. The postage charges will be distributed to individual schools and departments in the form of weekly expenditure transfers (JV). The new postal services procedures will take place retroactively from 1/3/2011

Please use one of the following options to send out any mail:

Small Volume of Regular-Sized Mail: 

  1. To ensure efficiency, the mailroom will no longer make pre-paid envelopes available for schools and departments. All schools and administrative offices must use the mailroom, print shop or purchase stamps directly from an outside source
  2. Schools and departments can submit items to be mailed along with their standard request for postage form directly to the mailroom. Mail must be bundled, banded or sent in a large envelope with the ABC code and the school or department (sender's) information which will be provided on each standard request for postage form. If a grant or other funding source is used, please use the alternative postage request form where you will be able to input your specific funding code

Large Volume (200+) of Regular-Sized Mail:

  1. The recommended method for large mailings is to electronically send the mailing to the print shop where it will be printed, stuffed and sent to the postal services. The cost of the envelopes is included in the pricing. This method is ideal for large volumes of mail because the print shop can complete the job in a fraction of the time it takes to complete the same job manually. Discounts for non-urgent mailings are available through the print shop
  2. Schools and departments may also pony the mail to the mailroom with a completed standard request for postage form attached to the mailing job

Irregular-Sized Mail:

Please bring any irregular-sized mail to the mailroom with a completed standard request for postage form attached. The mailroom will post and mail the requested items

Postal Rate Chart - For the various rates associated with different mailing options

Decision Chart - Used to describe the various options according to size and type of mailing in flow chart form

Mailroom Guidelines - A reference guide to be used to ensure mail is processed and quickly

FAQs - A list of frequently asked questions with answers

Common Errors – A list of common errors that negate postal discounts