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School Information

School Information

Recommendation Information

The Facilities Master Plan divides the city of Philadelphia into six planning areas: Northwest, West, South Central, Southwest, North Central and Northeast.  To review the amended Facilities Master Plan recommendations released on Tuesday, January 19, 2013, please click here.


To review data by planning area, for every school in the District, please use the links below.  For each school we include information on enrollment, a boundary analysis, academic and climate measures, demographics, and facility condition.


North-Central Planning Area

South-Central Planning Area

Southwest Planning Area

West Planning Area

Northeast Planning Area

Northwest Planning Area


*Please note, the data below was updated on Tuesday, January 8 to account for an error in some of the FCI calculations.  A box that shows the total amount of capital dollars invested in each school facility between 2003 to 2012 has also been added to every profile. 



School Specific Data for Schools with Recommendations

Specific information for every school with a recommendation in the Facilities Master Plan can be found below.  Schools are organized by planning area.  Please click on the school you are interested in to view:
  • a boundary map
  • a map showing where students attending the school reside relative to the school 
  • a boundary map of the receiving school(s) 
  • a map showing where students attending the receiving schools reside 
  • an enrollment history line chart 
  • an enrollment history by grade table 
  • the live-in/attend out percentage for each school
  • a summary of where students attend school within the boundary for the proposed closing and receiving schools 

Copies of the letters sent home with the students of each school are also linked below.


North Central Planning Area

Northeast Planning Area