Student Teaching

Student Teaching

Student Teaching

Are you currently a college student interested in a rewarding teaching career in an urban environment?

Come make a difference in a child’s life in Philadelphia! We are currently seeking talented, passionate and compassionate students to complete their student teaching in Philadelphia.  Please contact your college or university’s field placement coordinator to arrange your student teaching experience in The School District of Philadelphia.

What does the student teaching experience entail?

During the college or university student’s senior year, student teacher placement occurs. Student teachers are assigned to a District teacher (cooperating teacher) in their content area for up to one year to apply course curriculum to actual classroom teaching with students. Throughout the experience, student teachers receive:

  • Mentoring, collaboration, encouragement and preparation from experienced teachers in their contents area
  • Guidance surrounding time management, classroom management and lesson planning
  • The opportunity to gradually lead classroom instruction by the end of the assignment
  • Exclusive exposure to District recruiters and principals in preparation for teaching careers in Philadelphia

What documents do I need to student teach in Philadelphia?

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and The School District of Philadelphia require that all students obtain the following satisfactory clearances to student teach and gain employment (These documents are valid for one year after the date of issuance):

Cooperative Teaching

What is a Cooperating Teacher?

Each semester, School District of Philadelphia teachers volunteer to serve as Cooperating Teachers, hosting student teachers in their classrooms.  Cooperating Teachers provide assistance in classroom management, pedagogy, content delivery and teaching strategies.  If you meet the criteria and are interested in serving as a Cooperating Teacher, please notify your school Principal. 

Cooperating Teacher Requirement:

  • Applicants for the position must have 3 years employment and have served 1 year of building seniority.  The language according to PDE is:

(i) The appropriate professional educator certification

(ii) At least 3 years of satisfactory certificated teaching experience

(iii) At least 1 year of certified teaching experience in the school entity where the student teacher is placed.

  • Applicant should have obtained a teacher rating score of 3 or higher in all 4 areas of Teacher Rating.
  • Cooperating teacher should posses the following:
    • A desire to coach
    • Served in a leadership role or on a school leadership team
    • Served in a previous role as a instructional coach or school based specialist
    • Documented evidence of instructional support for new or student teachers
    • Written recommendation of principal

Principal Criteria

  • Principals must post the cooperating teacher opportunity for  5 days pursuant to the PFT Collective Bargaining Agreement
  • Principal must conform to mandates as set forth in the collective bargaining agreement for advertised positions in a school.
  • Principals must identify participating cooperating teachers (see:Cooperating Teacher Criteria) and their subjects for the next academic year
  • When possible,assign cooperating teachers according to student teacher request
  • Contact student teacher email address studentteaching@philasd.org regarding any questions about student teachers