Collaboration Center and Zimbra

Collaboration Center and Zimbra

  • Zimbra User Help and Videos
  • Changing Your Zimbra Password
    • Login to Collaboration Center, and click on the "Change Password" Zimlet located in the Zimlets list on the left-hand side of the

Email Passwords (Collaboration Center/Zimbra)

  • New employees to the district can call the IT Help Desk at 215-400-5555 to get their email passwords and information about how to access the Collaboration Center (Zimbra) for email and calendar access
  • Email passwords can be reset by calling the Information Technology Help Desk at 215-400-5555

Receiving inappropriate e-mail through Zimbra? Forward it to: abuse@philasd.org



Zimbra Address Book Entries: Individual & Full Staff
To add individual address book entries for staff in your school:

  1. Log in to Collaboration Center (http://cc.philasd.org)
  2. Click on the "Address Book" tab
  3. In the Search area, select "Global Address List" from the drop-down menu
  4. Search for "Meredith, William" (the space after the comma is required)
  5. Control-Click in the check box area to the left of any employee name
  6. Select "Add to Contacts" from the pop-up menu
    1. Note that you can only select one entry at a time


To add all addresses into a mailing/group list:

  1. Log in to Collaboration Center (http://cc.philasd.org)
  2. Click on the "Address Book" tab
  3. Click on the "New" drop-down menu, then select "New Contact Group"
  4. A new group list management window will appear
  5. Example: Type "Meredith, William" in the "Find" field, then click on "Search"
  6. Make sure that the "IN" drop-down menu is set to "Global Address List"
  7. You'll now see a list of all staff assigned to "Meredith" in the list as defined in the District's Human Resources system
  8. Click the "Add All" button
  9. Type a name into the "Group Name" field such as "Meredith Staff List", then click the "Save" button
  10. You've now created a static e-mail group list for your school which can be located in your Contacts folder

Zimbra - Deleting an Undesirable Address

  • The auto-completion on the TO or CC lines of a new message, uses a combination of the GAL, Contact, and E-mailed Contacts, from which to search for a possible match. The latter address book is auto-populated from all of the addresses that you've typed in the TO or CC lines over time
  • Click on the "Address Book" tab, and then select "Emailed Contacts" from the left-hand menu. Find the "undesirable" address from the listing, select it, and press the Delete button
  • You can disable this feature in "Preferences"