Teacher Instructional Resources

Teacher Instructional Resources

TechLiteracy Labs have been developed for computer lab teachers delivering instruction to students in grades K-8. Teachers of Instructional Technology, who have a roster of classes for computer instruction, are asked to implement this standardized program to insure equity in the mastery of 21st Century skills. 

The Labs are aligned with Pennsylvania state standards in Science and Technology, and correlates with the National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS*S) from International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).

TechLiteracy Labs include: Internet Safety, Internet Ethics/Netiquette, Computer Basics, Keyboarding, Word Processing, Graphic Organizers, Paint/Draw, Databases, Spreadsheets/Charts, Presentations, Digital Media, Financial Literacy, Digital Literacy/Citizenship, and Coding/Compuer Science.

Teachers are encouraged to work through TechLiteracy Lab 1: Internet Safety/Ethics during the first six weeks of school. The remaining Labs can be completed out of order. Each Lab lists the skills and performance descriptors at each grade level that highlight what students should know and be able to do.

TechLiteracy Labs and their resouces can be viewed in the Planning and Scheduling Timelines of Schoolnet.

Directions to Technology Connections

 Path to TechLiteracyLabs

  1. Use the SDP Master Login and click on the Schoolnet icon.
  2. Select
    1. Grade
    2. Technology Literacy Link
    3. Technology Literacy Topic

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The table below lists topics linked to websites that are helpful in infusing technology into the School District of Philadelphia Core Curriculum.