Philly TEC (Technology Exposition and Competition) Showcase

Philly TEC (Technology Exposition and Competition) Showcase

Philly TEC (Technology Expo and Competition) Showcase Winners

March 24, 2017 @ Education Center, 440 North Broad Street

Thank you to all who participated in this year's Philly TEC Showcase. Please join us in recognizing and congratulating our winners.

The Philly TEC Showcase is an exposition of student work (grades 3-12) from across the city of Philadelphia. Participants demonstrate their skills using digital tools, media and other technologies.  This event brings together students and teachers as they share ideas, attend workshops, and have a chance to highlight their work. 


Congratulations to all the students from all the schools who participated.  The winners for the 2017 Philly TEC are listed below. 

Elementary Winners 

Coding - James Logan Elementary: Zhaire Easley, Scott Purvis, Zahir McGriff for “Sight Words”

Digital Art - McClure Elementary: Anthony Campos for "Anthony’s Self Poem".

Digital Movie - Watson Comly Elementary: Matthew Scheilder, Paulina Ruiz, Allyssa Seifert, Alycia Rompolski for "Comly’s Daily Announcements".

Multimedia - Fox Chase Elementary: Christopher Ngo, Samir Wright, Robin Wu, Drake Wu for "Fox Chase PowToon".


Middle School Winners 

State Eligible Categories

Animation - Penn Alexander: Kevin Giddings, Ethan Chen for "Adventure Awaits".

Logo - Tilden Middle School: Andrew Marra, Joseph Sackor, Kiyo Mitchell for "Flash LOGO".

Digial Movie - Penn Alexander: Austen Cho, Mario Gugliemi for "Console".

Graphic Design - Penn Alexander: Rachael Thornton, Sabirah Mahmud, Gwen Koziara "Ritz-Pawlton Luxury Pet Spa and Hotel".

Programming - Penn Alexander: Finn Brenner, Iris Kim, Miles Menasion, for “City Gardener Pro”

Webpage Design - Penn Alexander: Siobhan Stachelek, Jadyn Wagner, Shira Mandell for "Our Cute Little Shop".

Philly TEC Categories  

Coding - Baldi: Justin Thornton for "Candle Dripping Maze".

Digital Art - Baldi: Erin McGinniss, Katie Wu for "Pet University".

Multimedia - Baldi: Amy Huang for "Stories of Trees".

High School Winners 

State Eligible Categories 

Animation - Creative and Performing Arts High School: Isaiah Triumoh, Tyrell Franklin, Kiara Tounsley, for "Fox and Balloon".

Logo - Northeast High School:  Sarah Surgner for "PA High School Computer Fair Logo 2017".

Digial Movie - Creative and Performing Arts High School: Abby Nix, Sobella Elmer, Logan Perrin, for "Rule 59".

Graphic Design - Northeast High School: Yareliz Cancel for "Primping Pups".

Programming - Northeast High School: Christina Tran, Harmelia Kollie, Jordan Edwards for "What’s in My Food".

Webpage Design - Franklin Learning Center: Chris Costello, Nayit Moctezuma-Grijalva, Andy Yang "To The Books".

Philly TEC Categories  

Coding - Northeast High School: Davante Woods, Wyean Lee for "After Burner".

Digital Art - South Philadelphia High School: Jose Pantoja-Sanchez for "CTE Month".

Multimedia - Franklin Learning Center: Kyle Corcoran, Zachary Emerson, Daniel Castro for "FLC Music Video".

We want to thank all the teacher sponsors for all the hard work helping all the students with this event.