iPad Information

iPad Information

iPads in Education - Issues to Consider Before Purchasing


SDP Pre-Purchase Requirements for all Schools/Offices

  • School/office MUST designate a Mobile Device Coordinator (MDC) who will be responsible for managing iPads and purchase/distribution of apps to devices. This person may or may not be the current TTL.
  • School/office MUST designate a computer to function as a Sync Station for that organization. If the school/office does not have a computer to designate for this sole purpose, then a MacBook to function as a sync station MUST be part of the initial iPad purchase the school makes. Note: this laptop may not be used for any other purpose and must be able to run Lion OS.
  • This information will be collected and maintained in a document located in IT and will assist informing purchase approvals for iPad equipment going forward.

Planning and Purchasing Considerations

The iPad presents new and exciting opportunities to extend the use of technology in your classroom or administrative work. It is an entirely new category of device and as such does some things better, some not as well, or some differently than you may be accustomed to with older technologies. When evaluating whether the iPad or any other iOS device can meet your needs it is best to engage in a discussion with the Office of Educational Technology and the Apple Representatives assigned to the School District of Philadelphia who can help inform your decision making process.

Some things you may want to consider include:

  • Your funding source: Please consult with the Grant Compliance Office to see if your grant money can be used to purchase tablet technology before creating your order.
  • At this point in time there are NO viable iPad printing or iPad document storage solutions available within the School District of Philadelphia's firewall.
  • Currently, no Adobe Flash support - this means some Web 2.0 sites simply do not work, and some web-based educational resources will not be available or will be severely limited, e.g. Everyday Math, Prentice Hall, Storytown, and Imagine It Videos all do not work.
  • There are School District of Philadelphia administrative web application that do NOT work on an iPad e.g. Data Warehouse, Advantage Desktop, and Hummingbird. See  iPad & SDP Apps Document/PDF.
  • Device Loss - In case of loss, theft, or mismanagement of an iPad, sensitive information in the form of e-mails, text messages, or formal documents can be released out to hostile parties.
  • Data Loss - Confidential information created, processed, or stored on iPads may be lost in case of device corruption or mismanagement.
  • Document Creation and Viewing - The iPad is capable of opening Pages, Numbers, and Keynote documents created on a Mac; opening Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents created on a Mac or Windows PC; and opening PDF files and saving files in PDF format as well, however extra applications must be purchased and installed in order for your iPad to have this functionality.



Price List: iPad and Accessories


iPad Supporting Documentation


iPad & SDP Apps Document/PDF (http://tinyurl.com/42olj47)

See a complete listing of District Applications not Supported and/or with limited functionality on iPad.