Computing Equipment Donation Acceptance Policy

Computing Equipment Donation Acceptance Policy

Like most school districts, The School District of Philadelphia receives offers from individuals and organizations of donations of both new and used technology equipment, such as, computers, monitors, printers, etc. The District has created a policy to provide guidance to both prospective donators and schools.

Though sincerely appreciative of the intent, the District recognizes that inherent in the acceptance of new or used equipment, it becomes the District’s responsibility and expense to ensure the usability and sustainability of said equipment, including performing hardware repairs, purchasing peripherals, (i.e. keyboards, mice, etc.), computer software imaging, and ensuring software licensing, prior to the equipment reaching a school.

Over the last several years, the District has invested significant resources, time, money and energy, into standardizing technology specifications across the District. Acceptance of used, donated equipment substantially dilutes our ability to provide timely and effective service to approved district technology.

Donated Equipment Policies 
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Used Equipment

New Equipment